Colin Book Cover Colin
The Guardian Agency
Regan Black
Romantic Suspense
October 8, 2019

He's ex-Army. She's a witness in danger. Together they must fight the ghosts of the past to survive the killer on her trail.

Summer Curley is on the run after her witness-protection detail is gunned down. With no one to trust, she can only hope that hiding will buy her time enough to make a plan.

Colin Hazard's Army career ended after weeks as a prisoner of war. Now he finds purpose as a bodyguard and when he's assigned to locate and protect an important witness, he dives into action.

But keeping Summer safe is only the first problem. Colin soon learns the case and the woman are far more complex than he expected. Between her secrets and the ghosts haunting his past, staying alive could mean sacrificing his heart.

When hope is lost, truth is blurred, and your life is on the line, it’s time to call in the Guardian Agency.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair

Ahhh Regan Black….You always have a wonderful story for me to read!  Today a fulfilling Novella in the wonderful protector’s world you have created for your readers.

Yes I am a junkie for stories of hard troubled ex military men…..continuing helping others after they leave and try to settle into civilian lives. Their fit into a protector agency seems suited to their needs to fight their past and help others.

There is no way any of your stories disappoint and now we get to meet Colin.

Summer Curley is a teacher on the reservation. She is in witness protection when she is punished by the gang trying to traffic one of her students. She saved the student; they took her sister as payback. When deciding to be a witness in court to testify about the men who grabbed her sister, the safe house is found and she is now on the run.

Colin Hazard’s Army career ended after weeks as a prisoner of war. Now he finds purpose as a bodyguard and is called to find Summer and keep her safe to testify.

This novella both satisfies all my senses. Regan Blacks writing and descriptions keep me needing Not to put my kindle down!!! She even offers a possibility that we might see more of these two in the future….

As always Ms Black….5 Stars