Color of You Book Cover Color of You
C.S. Poe
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 25, 2017

Bowen Merlin— yes, that’s his real name—accepts a position in the quaint town of Lancaster, New Hampshire, as the high school band director. He leaves New York City for the snowy countryside of New England just in time for the holidays. With class, homework, after-school activities, and a surprise Christmas concert to plan and rehearse, Bowen is plenty busy. And since he’s never had much luck with romance, factoring in time to find Mr. Right isn’t a priority….

Until he meets the proprietor of Snowy Ridge Apple Orchard, Felix Hansen. Suddenly, true love seems like a possibility for the first time in Bowen’s life. The two are a perfect match and fill the skipped beats of each other’s hearts. But as wonderful as Felix seems, he’s harboring scars that could end their budding relationship when someone in town goes to great lengths to sabotage their careers.

If Bowen is to survive the holidays, he’ll need to lean on old friends and new, convince Felix he’s worth any hardship, and prove they can come out of the catastrophe stronger if they do so together.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This second in the series was a Christmas treat from the author. I found this and then found Joy, its pre quell companion and grabbed them up for a Christmas to me present. CS Poe has my attention as I am following her Snow and Winter Series with devoted interest. It so nice to be able to wait and anticipate another in a series that will be written just KNOWING you will love it!

Color of You also takes place in Lancaster, New Hampshire. It’s the small town where Gideon Joy had an accident with a moose and we began our story in Joy. This second in the States of Love Series has Bowen Merlin taking a new job as the high school band director.

We see Bowen meet the handsome owner of the Snowy Ridge Apple Orchard spilling hot cider all over the man’s jacket…. Feeling something there, Bowen’s bestie suggests him buying a dry cleaning ticket to pay the bill and  get to see Felix Hansen again.

I loved, loved, loved this story. Our author writes crisp, smooth dance of these two and their obvious attraction. She puts together a fun explosion of enough craziness in Bowen’s new job and Felix slow manner, slowly working the relationship together by a thread.

Obstacles are finally exposed, trust is finally found and the reader can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that these two have found each other and can surpass all obstacles…Truly a winning story… A great read!