Conduct Unbecoming Book Cover Conduct Unbecoming
Conduct Book 1
L.A. Witt
M/M Military Romance
March 14, 2017

First class petty officer Eric Randall is less than thrilled about taking orders to Okinawa. Three long, lonely years on a crappy island that’s thousands of miles from his daughter? Oh. Yeah. Sign him up. But as long as he’s stuck here, he might as well make the best of it, so he discreetly checks out the local gay scene, where he meets Shane Connelly.

What starts as a one night stand leaves both of them wanting more, but then Eric finds out Shane doesn’t just outrank him, he’s an officer. DADT may be repealed, but an enlisted man getting involved with an officer falls under conduct unbecoming a gentleman and could cost both men their careers. They both have kids to take care of, future civilian careers to consider, and retirements on the line.

Still, they can’t resist each other. They discreetly spend nights together, and their mutual desire to explore the beautiful island of Okinawa is a perfect excuse to spend days together. As long as no one asks and they don’t tell, there’s no reason anyone has to find out.

But secrets like this tend to make themselves known…

This 95,000 word novel was previously published.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

It is always so much fun to troll your Favorite author pages on Amazon and see what you have missed of their books. So, somehow, I missed these two books They are free on Kindle Unlimited and yay I got an early xmas present for 2017. This was a two book find and I am going to review them together.

We find ourselves in Okinawa, Japan at the American Naval Base. Their story is beyond Don’t Ask which has been enacted. It is about an officer dating an enlisted man. Taboo in the service to protect all parties. When meeting at an off- site bar, the electricity between Eric and Shane was strong.  Not asking for name and numbers, it is  when they meet again the realization that Shane is an officer surprises Eric and Shane and now hard decisions must be made.

Both are not kids, they have life experiences under their belt, have been with the service many years and the jeopardy of their life plans come into play. But they cannot stay away from each other, and this book and our author take us on a tour of Okinawa as tourists learning about this island, the visual descriptions so strong, I feel like I’ve been there.

The relationship which started like wildfire, has changed a bit as the author takes them out of the bedroom a bit and lets them meet in secret to spend time learning to know each other which actually was also just as hot as the bedroom….There is such growth in the characters, the choices they are faced with, the things that changed them, their absolute need for each other. There is nothing about this book I could find that I didn’t like, Ms. Witt 5 Stars


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**