Confessions of a Pirate Ghost Book Cover Confessions of a Pirate Ghost
Gambling Ghosts Series Book 3
Jo-Ann Carson
Fantasy Romance
April 3, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Harley Davis has been living a very dangerous life. Harley is an artist who can’t sell her work when she signs it with her name but people flock to buy her forgeries. She is a great artist but only when she signs paintings forged with great artists names does she sell.

Harley got herself involved with a mobster, Michel DeAngelo and when she tried to break their agreement she saw him kill a man and she found herself jumping off his yacht in the middle of the night into the cold ocean. She swam and landed at Sunset Cove home of the haunted teahouse owned by Azalea. The very teahouse where ghosts hold poker games nightly. The only light she saw was from the teahouse and she was suffering from hypotherma so when she was greeted by a ghost named Three Sheets she chalked it up to her present condition.

Azalea and the ghosts know that the mobster will not stop searching for her and they gladly protect her. Three Sheets and Harley form a friendship and tell each other their secrets but everything changes when a relative of his comes knocking. Now there is a relative and the mob visiting the teahouse. Who this relative of Three Sheet’s is and what he wants is something you will have to find out for yourself and believe me it will be worth your time. What happens with the mobsters is also something I won’t reveal.

I love this series, sexy ghosts, a medium, a haunted teahouse and women in distress.