Consent Book Cover Consent
Power Exchange Book 3
A.J. Rose
M/M- BDSM/Mystery
The Grim Writer Press
September 27, 2014

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I am so excited our book guild is reaching so many new writers. I just love finding new to me stories and authors. Just finished A.J. Rose’s Paranormal Reaper series which I adored and Power Exchange Book 1 of 3.This series has been one of the best sexy, murder mystery, with delving into the BDSM scene,  one book at a time.

This story was not anything hard core, it was intimate, with a male couple, one a Dom.  That Dom would be Dr. Ben Halverson. The other half of the couple is Detective Gavin DeGrassi, newly divorced from his wife and is free to follow something new,  his interest peeked when they met working together  to catch a Serial Killer.

Ben and Gavin have gone through so much. Captured by a serial killer, raped tortured and beaten they survived the guilt and fear and have finally gotten their lives back. Gavin’s  partner Myah remained at the job, married Gavin’s brother Cle and had a sweet baby girl.  Gavin retired to teach being a professor at the local college needing to get away and off cases.

The phone call from Cole in the middle of the night, sent chills down my spine. Myah had been taken. It would make Gavin bring his game up big time to figure out how to get her back.. as he travels back to Chicago with Ben and Cole. This is where Myah transferred from… her past has come back to bite

This is very disturbing, as she is raped, drugged and just as tough as you would expect from this glorious lady. The three put their heads together…..all 6… ahem…. to get to the people who have Myah. They will use force or sex to do it….anyway they can.

I am excited to see a 4th Book coming in this series as Ms Rose has set something up that scares me really….Island ???? lonely ???? Sounds like fun for Ben and Gavin but I have a bbbaaaad feeling…..Hope it comes out soon


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**