REVIEW: Craved: A Vampire Syndicate Paranormal Romance (The Vampire Syndicate Book 2) – Rebecca Rivard

Craved Book Cover Craved
The Vampire Syndicate Book 2
Rebecca Rivard
Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Vampires
Wild Hearts Press
June 3, 2021


He's the forbidden craving I have to taste...

A hot new vampire mafia romance series from USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard

They call us the Dark Angels: Gabriel, Zaquiel and Rafael.
We’re brothers. Princes. Billionaires.
The richer-than-sin heirs to one of the world's most powerful vampires.
But we’re not vampires, we’re dhampirs.
Half-human, half-vampire, with panty-melting good looks.
The media love us.
Vampires hate us.
And Slayers, Inc. will do anything to take us down.

The series continues with Rafe and Zoe's story!
CRAVED (Book 2)

I'm in Montreal to discover what vampire Zoe Tremblay, a.k.a. the Ice Princess, knows about my brother’s kidnapping.
Not to finish what I started with Zoe two years ago.
Not to find out why she deceived me and allowed her mother’s enforcers to beat me bloody.
And definitely not to reignite the blood feud between our covens.

Rafe Kral, the cocky, bad-boy son of my mother's most hated enemy, was the forbidden craving I had to taste. But our Romeo-and-Juliet romance was doomed to crash and burn. Now Rafe's back, and he needs my help to save his kidnapped brother—and maybe himself.
Because the Kral brothers are being hunted by an unknown assassin.
Help Rafe, and I can kiss goodbye any chance of moving up in my mother’s vampire syndicate. But if I don't do anything, Rafe will be the next Kral who disappears.
And this time, I'll lose him forever.

A steamy second-chance, Romeo-and-Juliet paranormal romance.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Three brothers, Gabriel, Rafael and Zaquiel all dhampirs, half human and half vampire and all hated by vampires and Slayers, Inc. In book one we had Gabriel and Mila’s story and now it is Rafe and Zoe’s turn. Rafe is the youngest Kral and he is known as the charmer and two years ago the charmer had Zoe

Tremblay known as the Ice Princess in his arms even knowing that it could risk the shaky truce between the Kral Syndicate and the Tremblay Syndicate ending the blood feud. Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong went wrong when Zoe’s mom Victorine charged into the room leaving Rafe beaten and Zoe confessing that being with him meant nothing.


Now after two years Rafe finds himself needing Zoe’s help to locate his brother Zaq who has been kidnapped and is chained and being used as a blood slave. For two years he has not been able to get her out of his mind, his feelings are desire and hate but the Crimson Ball is coming up celebrating her birthday and he has to get in using a fake invitation and glamour. When they finally are together, what happened two years ago and the lies Zoe was told come to the surface and she has to decide if what Rafe is telling her is true and if her mother is involved with his brother’s capture.


Accepting the possibility that what Rafe has told her is true she runs off with him in search of information about Zaq putting them on the run from her mother who will never accept her daughter with a dhampir. In addition to the fact that Zoe wants to find out the truth about her mom her mother has also insisted that she choose a mate and it will be announced at the end of the ball something Zoe is not ready for since she, like Rafe has spent the last two years thinking about him as he thought about her.


Zoe heads to the one person she is sure will have the information she needs but once again her mother is one step ahead of her and this time Rafe is locked up and Zoe is put under lock and key. Rafe is chained and starved with no idea of how to get away and Zoe is unable to help him. What happens I will not reveal although you no doubt know that they are once again on the run. It becomes clear that Zoe’s mom is up to her neck in the disappearance of Zaq and capture of Rafe and that the truce is something she wants ended without it pointing to her and her Syndicate.


Secrets, sex, lies, betrayal and a love story everything I could want in a paranormal romance. Whether or not Zoe and Rafe get their HEA is not for me to say but there is still one brother whose story has not yet been written and I can’t wait. Zaq was tortured, fed from and brainwashed so there is no doubt that his story will be interesting to say the least. I love this series and the characters and I just wish there were more brothers so the stories would go on but I have one more to look forward to.

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