By the Creek Book Cover By the Creek
Geoff Laughton
YA M/M Romance
Harmony Ink Press
January 15, 2013

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

What do you do if you and the one you love are from two totally different worlds and chances of being together are insurmountable?  This is the basis of this story.  Two worlds, two young men and two totally opposing views.

At the age of sixteen David Harper once again has to prepare to move, something that happens every two or three years.  His mother’s job has once again brought about a change in his life, new school, new friends and a new house.  The house his mother bought for them is in the country and without a car David has no way of going into town.  And who are their new neighbors, the Amish.  When David sees a young Amish boy and waves to him he begins to realize just how different the two worlds are.  Any acknowledgment of an “English” the term the Amish use for anyone outside of their community, even a simple wave is not allowed.

When David happens upon a creek he finds himself looking at the boy that first drew his attention.  The boy’s first instinct is to run but for some reason he stays and this meeting will change the two boys lives forever.  His name is Benjamin and he is Amish and just talking to David is against his father’s rules.  During the hot weather his father allows him to go to the creek to swim and cool off and meeting there becomes routine for Benjamin and David.

David has always known that he is gay and it is something he has never revealed to a living sole, he also knows that the friendship he is building with Benjamin is heading to something way more serious.  How can he possibly have romantic feelings for an Amish boy, a boy who could never admit to being gay even if he were.  Benjamin is so naive about the world, he knows work and family and the church.

As time goes by David doesn’t know what he is going to do, how can he ever admit his feelings to Benjamin and who can he talk to about it?  Even his mother is unaware of his sexual preference.  Even if Benjamin was gay and felt the same for David how can he leave the only life he has ever known.  He doesn’t even know about electricity, cars, tv, movies or anything else that modern day boys and girls live with.  This is a relationship that has no where to go, or does it?

This was such a beautiful story about courage and love and learning to accept who you are.  At times it makes you sad and other times you want to smile.  You also get a very clear look inside the lives of the Amish and it is not always pleasant.  This is a story that can be read by anyone of any age and each age group would find something different to like.

3rd Place Winner for Best YA M/M Romance

2013 PRG Reviewer’s Choice awards!