Cross to Bare Book Cover Cross to Bare
Men of London Book 5
Susan Mac Nicol
M/M Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
November 10, 2015

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the fifth book of the steamy Men of London Series. We have already met Laverne Debussy-Smith while reading sexy Leslie’s story in an earlier book Suit Yourself. Ms. Debussy- Smith is the business persona for owner Lenny Smith ….woman by day, sexy gay man after hours.

Although this might sound very strange, the reason behind it totally made sense to me, Lenny was never enough for his domineering father. The man hated the feminine traits his son showed. And always wanted his son to ‘man up’ While studying in fashion school, the alter ego emerged when Lenny knowing how his clothes felt on his skin as a man, wanted to feel what he would be designing for a woman. How the cloth felt, breathed, stretched; Laverne was born! Also helping his fashion sense and business savvy to be a sought after fashion house.

Alas, this did hinder his love life. He was not a cross dresser per se or a transvestite, or someone looking to change their orientation: he just was Laverne by day, Lenny by night. This made many a suitor walk away, not comfortable with who or what Lenny was.

Brook Hunter was one tall, dark sexy man. Brook was the last one  who Lenny cast aside after dating for a while. Brook had made a remark while the snuggled watching a TV show that Lenny took offence to, crossing his name off his dating list. Lenny actually liked Brook a lot……But didn’t want to go deeper after the remark. Brook worked in the financial markets, and quite by accident was thrust back into Lenny’s life.

This book was quite an adventure to read. It was fast reading, very sexy scenes with these two hot men. We get to see Leslie who is Lenny’s adorable assistant, and get togethers’  with the other couples we have met in the series.  I am more than half way through this series, and find I am looking forward to MORE…Flying Solo is next!!!!