Cuckoo in my Coven Book Cover Cuckoo in my Coven
Witches of Raven's Landing Book 2
Saskia Walker
Paranormal Romance/New Adult/Demons and Devils/Witches and Wizards
Independently Published
March 9, 2021

There’s a new witch in town, but who is this mysterious stranger and why has he come to Raven’s Landing?

Rowena Meldrum is the baker at The Witch’s Brew café, and this shy young witch can only imagine sharing her precious moments with a trusted lover, until Caleb Meriwether strolls into her life. This handsome stranger beguiles and seduces her, but does he have a dubious motive for doing so? Rowena’s instinctively wary because she once trusted a male witch who tricked her, and kept her prisoner. Nevertheless, her heart has been entranced, and even the disapproval of her own coven can’t stop her falling in love with a man she knows nothing about.

Caleb is a loner, a male witch with no history, and no coven. He doesn’t want or need a coven, but he’s on the hunt for knowledge. He agrees to infiltrate the Raven’s Landing community in exchange for vital information about his own origins, and sees Rowena as his way in. But the powerful London witch who holds the key to his past is playing a wicked game, and Caleb needs to find out what it is. Getting mixed up with an adorable innocent like Rowena is only going to hinder his progress, right? It’s imperative he cast her aside. What he didn’t account for was the power of love, the strength of the Raven’s Landing coven, and the revelations they might reveal.

Reviewed by Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


He was gorgeous, that what her coven priestess told Rowena Meldrum. The bakery owner dusted off her flour coated hands and followed Willow to the window. Yes, he was gorgeous, but who is he, why is he in Raven’s landing? 


Rowena isn’t really looking for a lover, she was still getting over being held prisoner by a male witch in his mansion. She had trusted him and he betrayed that trust. It was going to have to be a special man to get her trust again.


Caleb Meriweather wasn’t looking for love either. He had been sent by a priestess in London to find out about the witches in Raven’s Landing. He had traded the trip and the information for the key to his past, a past he doesn’t know. He would go to Raven’s Landing, make friends with the local coven, and get the information, then find out who his parents were. Did he get his powers from them?


Caleb meets Rowena and the energy between them is intoxicating. Caleb had started to use her to get entrance into the coven, he never thought he would fall for her in the process. And Rowena is falling in love with him, despite her fears. 


Willow and her co-priestess Celeste originally thought Caleb would be good for Rowena, moving her past her fears. But he isn’t what he’s holding himself out to be and they rapidly change their mind; Rowena needs to get away from him. 


But she wants to be with him, and he’s very willing to stay with her. It was hard to reconcile his purpose in the town and his new love of the shy woman from the bakery. He would never find out the information he wanted but Rowena was a good trade. 


Right up until the priestess, Drusilla, shows up in Raven’s Landing and causes enough trouble, the coven has to form ranks to protect Rowena. Celeste knows something is going on, Sunny has a bad feeling about Caleb, and Rowena is torn between hanging onto the love she has only fantasized about or the pain of walking away.


And Drusilla has a further connection to Raven’s Landing, or rather the mansion and the witch who had held Rowena against her will. Will she get what she wants?


I loved this book. Having read the first one, A Coven of Her Own, I wanted to read the rest of the series and Cuckoo in the Coven didn’t disappoint. Saskia Walker has a very good series here. I can see the little town of Raven’s Landing and I am familiar with witches quite like Celeste and Willow. 


Saskia’s way of writing made me care about the characters and root for Caleb. Rowena is well written, her hesitance, confusion, and the love that she finds is believable. 


Put it this way, I want to read the next in the series, this is a great paranormal romance and highly recommended.