Dangerous Women Book Cover Dangerous Women
Robb T. White
Class Act Books
October 13, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Women are no longer thought of as helpless, and this book is just about a few women who prove that point.

The first story is about Regina “Baby” Frontanetta who is a straw weight boxer managed by her brother, Gennaro. When her last fight left her a beaten mess, she decided to try being a private eye working for Leo Rolanda. Her first assignment was to follow a man whose wife wanted information that he was hiding money from her during their divorce. It led to a barn in the middle of nowhere and dog fighting. Unfortunately, she was caught and once again received another beating—only this one sent her to the hospital. Assignment number two was find a missing girl and once again it led her to trouble. Baby is small but no push over and even though she got beaten, it was not without leaving her mark on her attackers. Baby has a lot to consider since her new career does not seem to leave her uninjured.

Bobbie is a girl who learned early on how to use her body to get what she wants. In high school she fell in love with the school jock whom she thought loved her back but in the stall of the school bathroom she learned how wrong she was. After being labeled a whore, she left home and ran into a drug dealer who taught her everything she needed to know to use men. She became an exotic dancer at a club where she used her looks and sex. She finally landed the big whale, a man who only saw what was on the outside and learned the hard way what she was really like.

This story involves a man who uses blackmail as a way of earning a living but he is about to have the tables turned on him. Hooking up with a bartender who has video of a very rich, very beautiful married woman having sex with another woman, he sees dollar signs. Following the woman and going to the other woman’s house involved in the video leads to all sorts of trouble. What he saw as his big score turned out to be anything but since he was dealing with women way smarter and dangerous then himself.

A young man growing up in a trailer park and makes the mistake of hanging out with Martina Brulet who is a known a liar. When he went to prison, he trusted her with his money—a major mistake on his part. While locked up he was beaten, cut, and nearly killed but he persevered and survived and just six months before he was released, he found out what Martina was doing during his incarceration and why he was constantly fighting for his life.

Francie hated her name and her parents. She was bi-polar and used drugs and alcohol, but when her father was crippled at work a lawsuit made this girl and her family very rich. Her parents hired a tutor for her, a tutor that was totally a fake. He was an ex-heroin addict and penniless and it didn’t take long before Francie convinced him to help her rob an armored car. As much as he tried to refuse, living in the street, eating out of garbage cans and using drugs left him with no other recourse but to go along with her plan. Another man falling for the lies of a woman and paying the price for it.

Sebastian is a rich man who married a beautiful trophy wife and promised her the world. That is, until the day she lost some of her looks and figures when he will throw her out. Sebastian is a man devoid of conscience or empathy and has been clubbing defenseless animals for years. Pain and control are what he lives for until an accident shows him just how cruel a woman can be. His wife finds a way to get revenge on her husband before he ever gets a chance to throw her out. When it comes to Sebastian I found no sympathy for him. He got what he truly deserved.

Twins Donna and Bella were given the perfect names to describe who they would become when they grew up. The narrator of this story learned first-hand what they were capable of when he agreed to help them rob banks. He was dating Donna and the three of them were to get enough money to open a restaurant. It’s funny because he grew up in a normal family and then became a lying, thieving, drug abusing criminal. He ran as far as he could from middle class life only to rob banks to return to that very life he ran from. Unfortunately, Donna and Bella proved that they were really poison, to him at least.

Diana is a beautiful married woman with a boyfriend on the side, a boyfriend she wants to use to kill her husband. Diana plays the abused woman card, but is unable to sway her boyfriend to do the deed. This is another story of a man who didn’t use the right head and allowed himself to be a puppet for a beautiful woman. Even though he wouldn’t kill Diana’s husband, it didn’t mean that she didn’t have something else up her sleeve. She was a woman who was going to get what she wanted and he was another man who allowed lust to lead him astray. This is another devious and deadly woman who knows how to get what she wants and doesn’t care who she hurts.

This story was the longest and was told by the man who thought he could make one last big score before he grew too old. With his cousin Ray in prison, he had to find three other people to help him steal diamonds from various mansions. Ray who recommend two men. When he met the two men he found that they also had a woman with them named Sandy. Although all his instincts told him to back off this job, the thought of how much money was involved was all it took for him to change his mind. Sandy is a drug addict and looks it, but he has no choice unless he changed his mind. Once again a man with big dreams, a man who thought working for a living was beneath him fails to see the warning signs until it is too late. In this case the man narrating this story proved to be more than just a jewel thief he proved to be a sadist. Sandy would be his undoing.

Susie is a beautiful woman who has had it with her husband cheating on her. Every year he and his fellow work mates go on an annual hunt, a male bonding ritual. This year his four fellow workers including their boss are at Susie’s dad’s cabin. The only one missing is Rickie, Susie’s husband. She explains that he is running late. Susie is the kind of woman a man should be wary of marrying and especially a woman you don’t hurt. What happens at this annual hunt is not what any of the men expected.

Frank has had an Ivy League education, a business, and a Porsche, but what he loves the most is killing. When he is hired by Abby to kill her husband he takes the money, follows through with his assignment and leaves. The next woman to come calling is Deena, and that is all I am going to say about Frank and the two women.

At the age of fifteen Natalie ran away from home and has been living on the streets for the last two years. She is an addict and has learned how to survive. Starving and weak she finds herself in a hidden room that one of the homeless guys told her about just before he died from AIDs. He told her everything she needed to know. She was to make a phone call to a man named Romeo if anyone came snooping around. So keeping a look out and having a room to sleep in seems like an easy job.

Romeo is a drug runner from Mexico, and a man who stole from his boss. When Romeo and Natalie cross paths, only one of them will survive. Natalie found something that Romeo was hiding, something she decided she wasn’t going to return. There was a lot of suspense with Natalie trying to stay one step ahead of Romeo and him doing everything he can to find her, find his missing item and kill her.

Most of the stories were narrated by the poor men who allowed lust to cloud their judgment, and it displayed just how far some women will go to get what they want. No longer are men the only dangerous animal out there because women are just as dangerous, if not more so.