Dare to Forgive Book Cover Dare to Forgive
Dark Choices Book 2
J.L. Bowen
Dark Paranormal Fantasy
Buffalo Mountain Press
June 25, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

In book one, we had Armond’s story, how he was kidnapped and held by the people he thought were his aunt and uncle, and how he never knew love only torture at their hands. Fortunately, Armond finally found out about his real family, the King of the Golden Demons, his mother and his two brothers, Lucien and his twin, Darius. We met Gunnar briefly in book one and found out he and Armond were very much alike, only Armond finally reunited with loving parents, and there was no hope for Gunnar since his abuser was his own father.

Gunnar is a Dark Demon and his father is the king. He hasn’t seen his mother in years since his father locked her away and refused to allow him to see her. The only other family he has is his sister, Karah, who is close to their father and has constantly betrayed Gunnar. Gunnar has lived through torture worse than Armond, and if you read his story you know just how bad it is. When Gunnar tries to kill Armond and is captured, he finds himself in a safe environment, with another healer who he calls friend. Armond is determined to protect Gunnar, because like him he knows what torture he went through.

In spite of all the hatred and torture, Gunnar never once allowed himself to feel evil. When forced to kill he hated himself, and when able to he would heal the prisoners his father tortured bringing about his own torture. Now Gunnar is in a place he feels safe, along with Armond’s human family the Ellises. Of course, we can’t forget Rusty, who in spite of always trying to protect Armond and always insulting those around him, you can’t help but love. He is definitely a rebel.

Gunnar doesn’t last long with Armond, he is recaptured by his father and faces unbelievable torture for running away. His father and Ari come up with a new poison to kill the Golden Demons and poor Gunnar is the weapon. A dragon tattoo is put on Gunnar, a tattoo that is alive and trained to kill any Golden Demon that comes near Gunnar. How can he ever hope to return to Armond and the others if the dragon tattoo will kill them? What other evil plans is his father working on, especially when Gunnar discovers that he is working with their deadliest enemy, the Fae?

Two young demons drawn together by violence. Surprises, secrets, and torture face all the Golden Demons, including Gunnar. Can the Golden Demons win against an enemy who is using every evil he can obtain? The story leaves you knowing there is more coming and the war between Golden Demons and Dark Demons is far from over especially with the Fae involved.