Dark Water Book Cover Dark Water
K.L. White
M/M Paranormal Romance
Carina Press
May 15, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Benjamin D’Arcy was a top Navy diver. Now he is a broken man, blind with no will to live. A mission that went bad left some of his men dead and his best friend and commanding officer, Rez, dead. The loss of Rez and his sight are more than he can handle, so he heads to a beach determined to walk into the water and never walk out again.

Rez is not dead, he is very much alive and not human. Rez is a shape-shifting Kelpie, a water spirit that can change from a human to a horse. Twice a year the Kelpie’s must find a human sacrifice and those sacrifices generally are either someone who deserves to die or someone on the brink of suicide. On the beach in his Kelpie form, Rez sees a man he instantly knows is planning on taking his own life. What he never realized was the man he marked for sacrifice is his best friend Benjamin. Rez thought he was still in the hospital.

Once a human is marked, their death is inevitable. But once Rez sees who he marked, he knows he must find a way to undo it. It takes some doing for him to convince Benjamin that he is alive. Once he did, he must reveal who and what he is. The Kelpies risk extinction because there are so few of them and mating is very important. Rez has found no one he is willing to give himself to totally since once mated there is no turning back. Now he finds himself lusting over Ben who he knows without a doubt is straight.

Both Ben and Rez have some difficult decisions to make about their lives but first Rez must try to save Ben from being sacrificed. The book has explicit sex, a brief history of the Kelpies, and two men who are alone. Can Rez save Ben? Can Ben accept a relationship with Rez? I enjoyed this book, but things moved a little too fast for me.