Deathly Desires Book Cover Deathly Desires
Chris Bedell
LGBT, Young Adult, Teen, Horror, Fiction, Scary Stories
Deep Hearts YA
November 14, 2019

I know what you did last spring…

When 17-year-old Cody's unrequited crush, Mason, is killed by his friend Veronica, he helps her successfully cover up the murder. That is until the start of their Junior Year, when everyone involved receives a menacing note from someone who knows what they did.

The blackmail about Mason’s death quickly escalates to stalking, arson, and attempted murder. Cody and his friends must discover who found them out before they get killed themselves. And fast.

Noah has an altogether different secret. He’s a grim reaper, escorting people to the afterlife when they die. When his path collides with Cody, a spark soon forms between them. But whether they can make their relationship work is a different question. If Cody and Noah want a real chance at love, they’re going to have to be honest with each other about everything they’ve been hiding from the world.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Cody, Veronica, and Brandon are best friends facing their junior year in high school. However, what should have been an exciting time for them is filled with fear. It has been months since Veronica hit a friend, Mason, over the head with a rock killing him. Mason was going to burn Veronica, so she hit him in self-defense. Their biggest problem is that when they went to check on Mason his body was gone.

Now someone is blackmailing them. When the notes aren’t enough, the blackmailer reverts to arson and attempted murder, with threats of more violence to come. During this time, Cody becomes friends with his neighbor, Noah. Although a relationship seems possible, Cody is keeping secrets. Noah is, too, and his is a big one–he is immortal and the Grim Reaper.

The search for the blackmailer intensifies, but so does the blackmailer’s threats. Could Mason be alive? Could he be responsible for everything that is happening? If Mason is dead, then who took his body? So many questions and so many surprises and secrets revealed. The mystery about Mason was interesting and surprising. Unfortunately, the book was slow moving and had way too much filler, a case of less is more. I would have preferred more emphasis on the mystery. However, since I am not a teen and haven’t been for a long time, I may not have appreciated a lot of the teenage angst in the story.

I also cannot forgive the fact that this book ended on a cliffhanger, something I had no indication of coming. Nothing indicated to me that this book was part of a series. After finally getting into the mystery, I was left blindsided when the book left me wondering what happened. If you loved the movie “I know what you did last summer” then I have no doubt you will love this book. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same. My feelings about this book are neutral. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it.