That Demon In Blue Jeans Book Cover That Demon In Blue Jeans
Toni V. Sweeney
Paranormal Romance
Class Act Books
October 26, 2013

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Kate Carter is a ‘good girl’. She and her friends are out at the local Burger Joint on a Friday night. The women, Selena, Audrey and Kate are Man talking! They have just seen a “bad boy” movie at The Ritz Theater. Everyone has an opinion.

Kate lonely and frustrated during their heated conversations about bad boys, looks up, up at the sky saying …. Ole Debbil Satan, send me your baddest  Bad Boy ! Now was that a crack of thunder along with a flash of lightening?  Was it raining with no forecast of rain?

Her second thought was to mind her manners while she amended her order….Hey Mr Satan sir,  about that Bad Boy? Could you make sure he has red hair and green eyes. Please. Thank you!  Wasn’t that way cool that the rain stopped? Satan must love good manners!

My grandmother had a saying which will always ring true, Always be careful what you wish for. Kate is in for a lesson in tempting the Devil, and he might just change her life.  A knock at the door on Saturday night and Kate’s wish came in the form of a Very Sexy Delivery Man. Zellachrastides was a Demon Incubus. He came from a long line of First Degree Incubi. For ten millennia poor Zel shamed his family by never reaching past Third Degree.  Does the Devil have a plan?

I love reading stories by Toni Sweeney. This short story which is under 50 pages is a fun afternoon read.