Destiny's Future Book Cover Destiny's Future
Daughters of the Crescent Moon
Patricia C. Lee
Paranormal Romance/Fantasy/Erotica
Phoenix Literary Publishing
March 6, 2016

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Before I write the review I want to state that this is the last book in the series and the series should be read in order, Book 1, Destiny’s Past, Book 2, Destiny’s Present. If you have not read the first two books then don’t read this review because it could have spoilers about the previous books, so just run, don’t walk to get book one.


Rhiann has been given the responsibility of protecting The Moon Amulet, an amulet that can command anything, plants, animals and humans leaving all humans at the mercy of the one in control. In order to protect it from falling into evil hands Rhiann must travel two thousand years into the future where real magic no longer exists. With her dad Ardis, mother Narena and friend Kelly she is in the process of perfoming the spell that would propell her into the future when the house is attacked.


Rhiann is able to perform the ceremony on her own only she has no idea that Prince Rayja has grabbed hold of her in an attempt to save her life. Rhiann makes it to the future where she meets Vanessa, Kelly’s aunt. Kelly came from the future and is now wed to Prince Jarek. Rayja is caught in the in-between and if Rhiann cannot save him he will perish.


With Vanessa’s help they are able to bring Rayja into the future with them. As much as Rhiann is like a fish out of water it is even worse for Rayja who can’t even speak English. A special potion made by Narena has made it possible for Rhiann to undestand and speak the language. Bringing Rayja is also filled with danger since he is Jarek’s twin and Jarek was responsible for killing Kelly’s exboyfriend. The police are still searching for Jarek and if they see Rayja he will be arrested for murder.


Rayja and Rhiann have feelings for each other but neither of them expresses it. Vanessa is a blood member of Narena’s family and agrees to be the next guardian of the amulet but Rhiann’s sister Selaya is after it. If you read the first two books then you know that Rhiann and Selaya are twins, only Selaya was raised by their father a sorcerer practicing black magic.


The only hope for The Moon is to convince Selaya that she should leave it alone or kill her. But Selaya is not the only one after the moon. With help from Vanessa’s son Tyson, Rhiann and Rayja are able to escape their first encounter with Selaya and he is determined to help keep them safe. Rhiann’s ability to converse with animals is strengthened and her interaction with Tyson’s  dog Denver is priceless. 


As with all the other books there is suspense, secrets, surprises and romance. This series has everything you could want if you love paranormal and fantasy. All questions are answered.