Devoted to Destiny Book Cover Devoted to Destiny
The Muse Chronicles Book 5
Lisa Kessler
Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Fairy Tales
Lisa's Lair
January 22, 2018

Mason Knowles is a carpenter with a secret. He's a Lycan, cursed by Zeus to shift into a wolf. With each transformation, the curse becomes stronger, threatening the man to succumb to the animal forever.

Clio Clarke is the human vessel for the Muse of History, devoting her life to studying the past. But when destiny brings Mason into her present, Clio realizes she still has plenty to learn about love and trust.

Mason discovers he's Clio's Guardian, gifted with inhuman strength, however, it will take more than might to stop an immortal from hurting her. He'll sacrifice anything, even his own humanity, to keep her safe, but this shift could be his last.

The Prophecy - "Every generation the nine daughters of Zeus are reborn, and with their rebirth are also nine Guardians. They will be marked by the gods, and given gifts to protect his treasure. Their abilities will only be unlocked when they find their muse."

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Once again I get to read about my favorite characters the Muses and this time the story centers around Clio Clarke the Muse of History. Clio almost died in a fire that brought down the future Les Neuf Soeurs Theater and it was Mason Knowles the contractor that saved them all especially Clio who would have been dead if not for him. Mason is the only contractor willing to work on the theater and since the fire Mason and Clio can’t keep their eyes off one another.

Clio makes trips to the theater in hopes of seeing Mason even though she is convinced he has no interest in her. Little does she know that the opposite is true. In spite of her interest in Mason she knows that she has to wait until her Guardian comes although she does secretly hope that Mason would be the one. Unfortunately, he shows no signs of being it.

Mason is a man with secrets, he is the decendant of a King in Greece and was witness to the killing of his cousin by the hands of an evil nymph he has been searching for ever since he was old enough to go out on his own. He knows she is in Crystal City and is determined to kill her. Mason and the other men in his family were cursed by Zeus and are now Lycans who unlike werewolves will eventually be unable to return to human if they change once to often. In his wolf form Mason knows he can destroy the nymph but he also is aware that once he changes into his wolf form he will be unable to reconnect with his human side.

Ted Belkin and Mikolas Leandros are beginning to question their decision to free Kronos and the Titans and wonder about the need to kill the Muses. It becomes apparent that Pamela Costas the nymph Mason has been searching for is the one who wants to see all the Muses dead. By killing Zeus’ reborn daughters she hopes to cause him pain but it is not what Ted and Mikolas want, especially Ted who has been in love with Trinity, one of the Muses since college.

When Mason and Clio finally give in to their feelings for each other there is no question that he is her Guardian, she now has the Guardian she was praying for. Mason has known that Clio was important to him since he already was aware of the fact that she was his wolf’s mate. In spite of his feelings for Clio he knows that when he has his final showdown with Pamela it will be the end of his relationship with Clio but it would be the only way to protect her and the others.

This series is one of my favorites and although the books can be read individually I highly recommend not doing so, read them all, they are all amazing. There are secrets that we learn about Mikolas, secrets I was very surprised by, secrets that could make me actually like him.

This is a series filled with amazing characters, secrets and romance so I ask you what is not to love.