Doc Book Cover Doc
Such a Colorful Feeling, Book 3
Rowan Massey
LGBT. Dystopian, Gay Romantic Fiction, Science Fiction
Independently Published
February 7, 2020

Here at the end of the world, could there still be something left to hope for?

Emporium is in ruins and so is Dr. Atul Sardana’s life. With thoughts of the people he’s lost and the lifelong scientific passions he’s failed at whirling in his mind, the man known mostly as Doc is taken in by his brother, Avi, and his brother’s head scientist, London. Doc has every intention of ending his own life, but with Avi, London, and a bodyguard preventing him from doing so, he finds another way to punish himself. Having avoided taking drugs his whole life, he decides to start trying out all of them. Instead of meeting resistance, his companions consider it a good idea and join in.

After a lifetime of pushing people away, drugs start giving Atul a way to let people in. In his brother, he sees remnants the young man who helped him when he needed it most, and with London, he starts to give in to a romantic spark that has been waiting for him for years.

But the world won’t allow Atul to heal for long. News reaches them that there is a poisonous fog taking over the southern reaches of the planet, and it’s swiftly moving northward. Their labs are sent a sample of the poison, but can they work quickly enough to save the world?

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer & Review Chair of the Paranormal Romance Guild

*Reviewer note: This is a dark series that doesn’t hold back on tragedy. You have been warned. Although other books in this series fit the romance genre, this one does not. None of them can be read as a stand-alone novel.

As the review chair for a guild, we get submissions from many authors. My reviewers get to pick what they wish and can return it if they feel uncomfortable with the book.  Some may feel triggered, some worry after reading the blurb. I, on the other hand, read everything, and thank goodness for that! If that hadn’t been the case I would have missed something very special.

I have read Ozzy and Wally’s books, and have had many reactions to these stories. I couldn’t wait to read this from Doc’s POV. I knew it would be tough.  But Doc’s book has opened more feelings than I would ever imagine. Kudos to his author.

Atul, nee Doc, now becomes a zombie. He has been  against drugs as he tries to work with some of the kids in emporium. We learn he has lost much, he is a very complicated person, and now wishes Oblivion after finding Wally dead on the field. His brother, Avi, brings him back to the city. With London, Avi’s assistant, he begins the alphabet of drugs with Doc to try and help him overcome his loss. This is the most loving part of the series as Atul and London find each other, and we now learn all the deepest secrets Doc has had. Wow, what a read. After 3 books, our author lets us love Doc, and Doc is humanized.

But alas, again our author’s warning comes to speed and we are left bereft, stunned. You must read this. The Pandemic comes as a poisonous cloud!  Book #4 will be Jace’s POV. Rowan, save me from having nightmares.