Dog Days Book Cover Dog Days
Wolf Winter, Book 1
TA Moore
LGBT, Gay Shifter Romance
Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition
September 9, 2016

The world ends not with a bang, but with a downpour. Tornadoes spin through the heart of London, New York cooks in a heat wave that melts tarmac, and Russia freezes under an ever-thickening layer of permafrost. People rally at first—organizing aid drops and evacuating populations—but the weather is only getting worse.

In Durham, mild-mannered academic Danny Fennick has battened down to sit out the storm. He grew up in the Scottish Highlands, so he’s seen harsh winters before. Besides, he has an advantage. He’s a werewolf. Or, to be precise, a weredog. Less impressive, but still useful.

Except the other werewolves don’t believe this is any ordinary winter, and they’re coming down over the Wall to mark their new territory. Including Danny’s ex, Jack--the Crown Prince Pup of the Numitor’s pack--and the prince's brother, who wants to kill him.

A wolf winter isn’t white. It’s red as blood.

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

When you follow and love the work of an author, The bestest thing for a reader is finding a book of theirs you have never read…. Better yet it will be a Trilogy and there are 2  covers staring at you on Amazon jumping and dancing ‘buy me… buy me!” and I did! Come to find out these are the first books that TA Moore  ever  had published.  Dreamspinner Press gave this wonderful writer the path to continue to follow her dream!

I have finished reading Dog Days Book #1  and  Stone the Crows Book #2 and  I now see Ms Moore from her beginnings…. I came to her a few years after these were written.  Loved all her stories ! Now I feel her roots.

In this series, Ms Moore has done such a wonderful job world building…taking the reader to a world that is dying. In this setting,  the world that we know is being killed by climate change. NY is cooking, Russia is frozen and we are in the UK with Rain, Hail, Snow, and Tornados. The cold is felt by the reader, in every scene described by each of the characters . it ebbs into your bones. The sleet freezes your fingertips and the winds bite at your ears and nose.

We meet Danny Fennick who has decided to stay and ride out the storm expecting this horrible weather to break.…Danny has left his family and has been living as a human;  just recently breaking up with Jenny. Danny is not human,  but important to learn is not a wolf shifter, but a dog shifter. Jack comes back into his life, the now fallen son of the Numitor the Crown Prince of the Pac Leader.  Danny is his ex . 

This book is not an easy read. The weather hurts to read, the storyline is not easy either for you to garner. It’s not all laid out for you to follow the dots. I believe every reader follows it at their own pace, and then when the gore and horror comes, you deal with it and its brutality in your own way..

Oh forgot to mention… then there is Gregor, Jack’s twin, who has come to kill him. The book is brutal, bloody, and the hard decisions made…. You either invest or leave.

 I stayed and found the relationship of the wolf and the dog tantalizing, sexy and sometimes brutal.….The wolf and his pup against all…. We also find the pup is not as weak as the wolf imagined. The finale is left to the next book. The mission is on going, and hopefully Gregor and Jack can settle into being brothers or ripping themselves apart.