Double-Cross My Heart Book Cover Double-Cross My Heart
The War of Millennium Night
Brandon Hill
Paranormal Romance
Mythical Legends Publishing
July 31, 2015

Turned at a tender age, and left with no memory of her human life, Elisa, the beloved adopted daughter of Talante, has had many obvious difficulties in her near two centuries of life, but none so frustrating as her inability to find love - that is until a dire mission leads her to Derek, another vampire turned in his formative years, and the de facto leader of a clan of vagabonds: vampires who choose to take no sides in the ten millennia long war between her symbiotic clan and the dominating breed of her father's hated enemy. But her happiness is only a prelude to heartbreak as she learns secrets of a past she thought erased, which may cost her the trust and love of the one who holds the greatest portion of her heart.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Elisa is the adopted daughter of Talante who has been around for thousands of years and is the leader of his clan of mind-readers. Elisa was turned at the age of ten and Talante has done everything in his power to provide her with enough training to assure her being able to take care of herself. She is now almost two hundred years old and still looks the age of ten. Talante sends her on an assignment and it is an assignment that would change her in more ways than one.

She is sent to a Vagabond camp led by Derek who like Elisa was turned at an early age, he was turned at fourteen and although the Vagabonds are known to travel the arrival of a Dhampir baby has brought them to the attention of Lothos the leader of the shape-shifters who have been at war with the mind-readers for thousands of years. Lothos wants the baby and has put Derek and his tribe in danger so he did what needed to be done and called upon Talante for help. When he discovered who was sent to help he was shocked as were the rest of the tribe since the idea of a little girl helping did not seem possible. It doesn’t take long before they realize that “the little girl” is more than capable of protecting them from their enemy and protecting the baby they are caring for.

When Elisa was turned she awoke as a vampire with no memory of her human life so everything started for her the minute she woke it meant that she missed nothing since there was nothing she remembered unlike Derek who remembered his human life and missed simple things like seeing the sun. As Elisa put it you can’t miss what you never had. Little by little Derek and “China Doll” his name for her began to have feelings for each other and they actually bonded when they drank from each other, the only thing they didn’t do was have sex since although Derek was not a virgin like Elisa he couldn’t get her age and look out of his head. Although almost two hundred years old Elisa still looked to the world like a ten year old and every time Derek even thought of having sex with her that was all he saw.

Lothos is relentless in his attacks and Elisa and Derek fight back each time until…………well I don’t want to say. This book held my interest from page one and I have discovered a new author to put on my favorite author list. The two main characters are children even though they have lived a life-time and the author does an amazing job of telling their love story in a sweet, believable and amazing way. Whether Derek and Elisa survive Lothos’ attacks, whether the baby survives and whether the Vagabonds find safety is left for you to discover but I will say that there were surprises in this book that I never even considered a possibility and there was violence some of which made me grimace out loud.

I will end this review by saying this is a book that every lover of paranormal romance and especially vampires should not hesitate to read.