Downward Facing Dreamboat Book Cover Downward Facing Dreamboat
Bru Baker
Novella, LGBT, Sports, Gay Romance
Dreamspinner Press
December 13, 2019

Love is trying to catch up to two lonely men. Can they stop long enough to let it?

Running defines Kincaid’s life. It’s not until he loses it that he realizes how isolated he’s become. But even if an injury hadn’t forced him to slow down, the hottie in the yoga studio would have given him pause. In fact, admiring the man each morning is the only thing keeping the spring in his step when it feels like he’s lost everything.

Owen’s busy life as a yoga instructor doesn’t leave him much time to meet guys, let alone date. He’s convinced his passion for helping people is worth the sacrifice, but he’s willing to spare a few moments for the cutie who walks past the studio every morning.

When their lives intersect and romance is set in motion, they stumble off the starting block. But no matter the obstacles in their path, this race won’t be over until they reach the finish… together.

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Reviewed by Shin Mon Thway

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is sweet and gooey, and I loved it. If you are looking for a serious and angsty book, this isn’t the one for you but if you are looking for a slow-burn, feel-good, low-angst story, then you found the right one.

Kincaid is a very active person and has always enjoyed doing sports. And of course as an adrenaline junkie, he didn’t take Yoga seriously. When he met with an accidental injury, his doctor recommended he take yoga as the physical therapy to recover faster. And Kincaid found that not only yoga is a complex and interesting sport, his yoga instructor, Owen, is the dreamy man he never knew he was waiting for.

I loved the fact they were each other’s secret crush. It’s really cute and sweet. Lots of yoga terminology and bashful flirting, and I dig that. Overall, sweet and romantic gooey. Just like I like my short stories.