Dragon: Prisoner of Valathia Book Cover Dragon: Prisoner of Valathia
James Austin McCormick
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Novella
Class Act Books
June 14, 2017

After their escape from Tamerlane’s hi-tech prison, and the defeat of Darius Drake's apocalyptic plans for the humanoid home-worlds, Titanya joins Sillow in becoming an agent of the Alliance.

Now partners, the brash, beautiful pirate queen, and the cowardly, chain smoking elf, take on their first official mission together, investigate the hijack of a prototype military stealth craft and its connection to the mysterious owner of a small mining operation.

Yet what begins as a simple undercover mission soon becomes something far more sinister as they find themselves caught up in one man’s obsession with ancient forces powerful enough to destroy them all.

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Reviewed by  Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This seemed to be a really good story trying to be a bad one and only succeeding partially.

First this is obviously part of a series but I could find no listing that resembled any type of reading order or for that fact nothing that even said this WAS part of a series, the reader gets to discover this on his own although sadly since it is a good story I am not sure how many people are going to fork over $6 for 87 pages but I digress.

We are thrown a series of scenes that we can hardly relate or put together for almost the first half of this this story before it starts to make any sense but attesting to the fact this WAS a good story I still enjoyed it once it got going in something resembling a logical telling.There was a few pages of mystical nonsense that added a small bit by the end, there was a horrible bad guy that you only got to see for a few pages and you had to read a few of them to realize the Prologue was about him.

As the first half was boring/confusing to anyone who had not read any of the other books that exist and probably to anyone reading it at all, the second half was intriguing, action packed and engrossing.  So while the main 2 characters of  Titanya and Sillow were decent they are sadly forgettable in one sense while the story itself is not and these 2 are pulled into being more interesting than they really are since he does not seem to have a consistent personality bouncing from hero to coward and everything in between and at the only thing we really know about her by the end is she is tough and give a vibe of that policeman Terminator from the movie except she is one of the “good guys”.

Bottom Line:  Thought I would put this down as a DNF for the first half and could not put it down for the second half so I give it 3.5 Stars and wish it had been better since I DID love the story itself.