In the Drawing Book Cover In the Drawing
Simone Snaith
Urban Fantasy
May 15, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Nineteen year old Genevieve Evans life began with her being left in a basket on a doorstep. Fortunately she was adopted and is now attending college and living in the dorm. Lately she has become depressed and feels as if she is out of time and place. Her life is not happy and her high school boyfriend breaking up with her did not help the situation.

Genevieve suddenly finds that plants are growing wildly whenever she is near. Outside her dorm vines are taking over the building, a visit to the library resulted in a cactus growing huge leaving her to wonder if she is the one responsible for what is happening. As strange as it seems there doesn’t seem to be another explanation that makes sense. The appearance of a frightening tall, skinny man showing up and another man who seems to come to her rescue whenever the tall man shows is beginning to scare her but the more she thinks about it the more she is convinced she is the one responsible for everything that is happening.

The tall, skinny man is a demon and is after her and the other man is The Dara whose job is to protect her from the demon. The Dara is forbidden from revealing himself to her and each time he gets between the demon and Genevieve he loses strength. Genevieve admits what is happening to police officer Gonzalez who came to investigate the vines growing around the dorm. Suprisingly he listens to her and doesn’t automatically consider her to be crazy. They form a bond with each other that hopefully will lead to a relationship.

Genevieve is part of another world, a world that is being torn apart and she is the only hope even though she is totally unaware of that world and her place in it. Her drawings all show goblins and trolls and now the skinny man. Are her drawings a part of what is happening?

I enjoyed this story and Genevieve was a very interesting characters but I would have liked more of an explanation of the other world, who they were and why they were being destroyed. Who was her real parents? Was she left on a doorstep for a reason? Officer Gonzalez’s daughter meets Genevieve and calls her a fairy, is she?