Dream Wedding Book Cover Dream Wedding
Dream Series
JJ DiBenedetto
Paranorma Romance/Suspense
Writing Dreams
October 20, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the last book in theĀ DreamĀ series and it is filled with tragedy, mystery and surprises. As always, Sara Alderson tells the story and is the one that has the main dreams. I have watched this family grow from the time that Sara and Brian first met and fell in love to their marriage, children, medical school, and, of course, the dreams that usually mean Sara is supposed to do something.

It has been twenty-three years since the first book to now and the kids are going off to college or graduated from college, except for the youngest Matt who is in junior high school. Grace is now on Broadway and living in the city. Stephanie is going to West Point when she graduates high school in three months. Ben is also graduating and will be attending college, so in spite of what Sara and Brian earn, money is going out as fast as it is coming in.

With five children, running a hospital, and dreams, it should be no surprise when Lizzy announces she is getting married to her boyfriend of almost four years Seth. So now how to budget for a wedding on top of all the other expenses? In spite of the expense, the family is happy for Lizzie and preparations are being made when tragedy strikes. Ben is hit by a car and is in serious condition. It was a hit and run and for the first time in years Sara wishes she could find the guilty party and kill him in his dreams. No one hurts her children.

Ben is preparing for his prom and for college, but the first order of business is saving his life. Broken ribs and bones and a shattered leg are just a few things; he also needed to have his spleen removed. Sara knows he is facing months of surgery, recovery and rehab, and when Stephanie asks Dr. Nathan a Colonel from West Point to look at Ben, Sara is happy to let him take over treating his leg. As a military doctor the Colonel has treated every type of bone injury and Ben is in good hands.

Then the suspect who nearly killed Ben is found and it is none other than Dr. John Bates who works with Sara at the hospital. She has known him for ten years and can’t believe that he not only nearly killed her son, but he killed his brother-in-law as well. How does a respected doctor suddenly turn into a killer? When Sara begins to enter John’s dreams, she has to fight herself not to do him harm, but after a while it seems things are not as they seem. She is facing yet another mystery, and she knows the dreams won’t stop until she figures out what is going on.

Although this is the last book in the series, there are still many things the author can write about this family, so maybe it is just a temporary hiatus. There really are some big surprises. If you have not read the first nine books in this series, start now. You won’t be sorry.