Duet Book Cover Duet
Chris Quinton
LGBT Romance/Ghost Story
Kouros Books
January 6, 2021

Once burned, twice shy, John hasn’t dared to act on his attraction to Simon, until the chance to sing a famous duet sets their friendship on fire.

The echo of a centuries-old love, unheard by most, brightens Simon's life. Then John picks up the melody and finds the words to their song. When music decides to write a love song... it's a duet.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was an unexpectedly sweet read.  Even the “ghost” in the story is low angst and adds so much to a very tender romance.  John King, one of the musical King brothers, finds so much more than his happily-ever-after with Simon Ward in this short tale.  The two men are from very musically talented families who have been wanting these two to figure out that they were meant to be for a while.   Their love of music and their growing love for each other are set against a backdrop of family history and a restored harpsichord.  There is so much to enjoy in this story.  Grab a cuppa and this book for a soothing Saturday afternoon.