Duplicity Book Cover Duplicity
Cecile Tellier
Fantasy Erotic Romance
Evernight Publishing
July 27, 2016

When Maxx Robertson thought about the saying, "something would be the death of him", he had no true concept of what it meant. That is, until he met her. All of four-foot-nothing and lighter than his duffle bag on an easy gear day, he knew he was lost the minute those brown eyes focused on him. His life was difficult enough being part man and part beast, add to it this spitfire and it was a recipe for shenanigans—the kind he wouldn’t pass up for the world.

Zowie James didn't expect her new boss to be not only charming but attractive in a way that made her contemplate dirty deeds in alleyways as perfectly acceptable break pass-times. He is mysterious, dangerous, and everything she’s been warned to stay away from. When things start going badly at his club, she has no way of knowing if he is involved or not.

The tension and attraction between them would be challenging enough without the mafia trying to take over Maxx’s club, or without Zowie’s natural ability to find herself in the middle of trouble over and over. Will they make it out of this alive or are they doomed from the beginning? Will Maxx come clean to Zowie about what makes him quite so domineering or will he continue to hide behind his temper regardless of the situation?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Maxx Kobertson is the owner of Hell’s Belles and when he meets his new bartender, Zowie James he is immediately drawn to her. Zowie is a little thing with a huge inner strength. Rick the leader of the mafia wants half of Hell’s Belles but it is something that Maxx is not willing to even consider. Then one of Rick’s thugs comes to the bar and when Maxx comes out to see what is happening he finds poor Zowie being held by the neck. Needless to say Maxx is more than he appears on the surface, he is a werewolf and he doesn’t take kindly to anyone manhandling one of his employees, especially Zowie.

Maxx knows that someone is working with Rick but is it Zowie? According to one of his men there is a rumor that she is working undercover for Rick but Maxx finds it hard to believe. In spite of not totally believing what he heard about her he has to be sure before he puts total trust in her.

Another incident that nearly kills Zowie makes Maxx very protective of her although still unsure if he can trust her. Zowie and Maxx find themselves in trouble but through it all Zowie shows a strength that belies her size. She seems to have a way of finding trouble and Maxx finds himself always rescuing her.

This was not a long book and I don’t want to go into too much detail, there is explicit sex, bondage and betrayal. Zowie is absolutely an amazing character and I would have given this book five stars just because of her and the things she does and the things that come out of her mouth.