Elpida Book Cover Elpida
Elpida Book 3
C. Kennedy
LGBT Ya teen abuse
Harmony Ink Press
May 30, 2017

Michael and Christy attended prom, graduated high school, and Michael leads the USATF tryouts. With Oxford University on the horizon, his future looks bright, and he believes life has returned to normal after Christy’s rescue. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Christy has been free from a life of slavery for more than a year and has made remarkable progress due in no small part to the love he found with Michael. But the recent prosecution of a past abuser has shattered the life he so painstakingly built out of nothing but a mountain of horror. He now faces the daunting task of building a new life—yet again.

Twelve-year-old Thimi has been missing since Christy left Greece and, unbeknownst to everyone, has hidden out in a vacant mansion in Glyfada. Learning of Christy’s survival is the only thing that brings him out of hiding. People, open spaces, even the most common of sounds frighten him beyond reason. A mere ghost of a boy, Thimi arrives in the US with no knowledge of the outside world—the only constant in his life a purple marble.

Lost, shattered, and afraid, only hope gives them the strength and courage they need to begin anew.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Cody Kennedy, your series is a sometime a really tough read. It is certainly a difficult learning experience as well. We, who believe that the world is a nice place are thrust into what terrible, heinous things man can do to children who cannot fight back. When I think some of these things could possibly happen I am reminded I am cloaked in a bubble and my heart weeps for them.

In this third book in the series, Michael and Christy try and begin to have a normal life….They graduate High School,  go to prom,,,,Normal things…..But the black cloud descends again;  the trial begins and Christy has to appear . The horror of the appearance and the horrible words…..Can he break free of the filth he feels about himself?

Now adding to his pain, Christy has brought Thimi to America. He is 12, has been a slave since birth and is certainly as we find him, in worse shape than when we met Christy.

Christy is broken from the trial, suicidal, and his champion Michael again jumps in to save him. His trying to help the young boy and also dealing with his own pain is wearing him down. He sees Michael less; his days and nights are backward trying to be everything to Thimi. My heart hurt for him. He just soldiered on.

Michael and Jake hang together, bombs and attacks are still coming at them and their families, from home and abroad. Then the unthinkable happens and Christy and Michael are challenged anew. I can only hope our author is not finished with their story…..This  story gives me hope, but I want to see Christy and Michael able to thrive; there is so much more I want to see……Another book is needed…lol

But  everything this story and author  taught me,  most of all ……WE must unite and help those who are in real need now…..our author has put out names of places who can help victims of abuse. I donated……you will want to as well.