Embers of Fire Book Cover Embers of Fire
Guardian Witch Legacy Book 1
Ally Shields
Paranormal, Romance, Demons & Devils, Witches & Warlocks, Vampires
Etopia Press
June 28, 2017

A chilling prophecy. A child in danger.

Following the defeat of the vampire elders, Guardian fire witch Arianna Calin and vampire prince Andreas De Luca are considering moving to his estates in Italy to raise their daughter in its idyllic setting. As if being descended from two powerful witch bloodlines wasn't challenging enough, Rayne was born with a mysterious star tattoo on her shoulder. Her parents suspect she is the Chosen, the focus of the Star of Esielen prophecy. But that's something to worry about in the distant future. Isn't it? After all, their child may be precocious, but she is only five.

Then the murders begin. The stench of demonic activity hangs over Olde Town, and a symbol carved in blood indicates Rayne may be the next victim. Suspicion points in several directions, including a rival vampire, a mysterious stranger, and a werehyena leader attempting to break the bank at Andreas's new casino.

Abandoning plans for a quiet life, Ari and Andreas hunt for the killers. While Rayne may someday have to face her destiny alone, it's up to them to make sure she's ready...and to keep her alive.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the sequel to the Guardian Witch Series and I highly recommend beginning with that series if you have not done so already. The characters are the same as the first series only now the focus is on a five year old little girl, the natural child of vampire/warlock Andreas De Luca  and his wife Arianna (Ari) Calin, a witch working for the Riverdale Police department’s supernatural division.

Although it is common knowledge to those of use who read vampire books that they are sterile Andreas and Ari managed to conceive and deliver a beautiful little girl Rayne now five years old. How this birth happened is something you will learn all about in The Guardian Witch series and is just one of many interesting details you will learn about.

Ari and Andreas had thoughts of living in Andreas’ Italian estate in Tuscany where they hoped to live as normal a life as they could and raise their child in a safe environment but that was a dream that would have to be put on hold when dead bodies appear with no indication as to who is doing the killing. There are no signs of the killings being done by a supernatural but yet the deaths are very violent.

Along with her human partner Lt. Ryan Foster from the all-human Riverdale Police Department Ari and Andreas try to find out the mystery behind the killings and before long they do. All the trouble appears to be focused on Rayne, but who and why. Rayne is no ordinary child since her parents are far from ordinary. Her witchcraft abilities are very powerful and it is no easy feat keeping her under control.

In addition to the deaths happening in Riverdale, Andreas has to deal with Kadan a werehyena who wants revenge against Andreas for getting the license to the casino he wanted. He is determined to bankrupt the casino and seems to be on the road to doing that. He has no magic but yet he is winning and how he is doing so is certainly by means of cheating but they can’t find the proof.

This is a wonderful continuation of the Guardian Witch series and I absolutely love little Rayne, and all the other wonderful characters we have met before. Don’t miss out on this great series and don’t miss out on starting from the beginning.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**