Emerald's Cove Book Cover Emerald's Cove
Sedona Series Book 2
Jaylee Austin
Fantasy Romance
Jaylee's World
July 17, 2019

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Harmonia Shae is a princess whose stepmother has decided she should marry one of the Templar Knights of Solomon’s Circle. Harmonia has a different idea about marriage and with the help of her cousin Tilion she runs away. When she arrives in Sedona, Tilion is a no show and before she knows it she finds herself in the hands of a Sihir magician and a fallen Sidhe queen. Vera the queen wants to control the world and the magician traps her freewill forcing¬† her to obey three commands, commands that would severly affect Sedona and those who live there. Vera also manages to poison Harmonia with copper.

When Harmonia is returned to Sedona she is found by Triston Avery who saves her life.Triston is on a one month vacation and is visiting his brother Rafe and sister-in-law Lara. He has come to visit his beautiful new niece and compete in the rodeo. Unfortunately finding Harmonia gets him involved in her secrets and the powers that want to control all the realms. He is hesitant to trust Harmonia and knows that she is keeping secrets, secrets that could be very dangerous to everyone in Sedona. Tristan finds himself in a battle he has no choice but to join in and will do everything he can to protect Harmonia and everyone he cares about.

Tilion is still a no show and his where abouts are unknown so it falls on Triston to watch over Harmonia. Harmonia hates the things the magician is forcing her to do but while under his control she is helpless.  As the feelings between Harmonia and Tristan grow there are still secrets each are keeping from the other. Can the two of them defeat the magician? Will they fall in love? Will Harmonia still be forced to marry against her will?

All questions are answered and there are surprises and secrets but other than the two main characters and their relationship with each other I found this book to be slow moving and confusing at times. I do have to admit that Fantasy is not my favorite genre and that could have had an affect on my rating.