Enough Book Cover Enough
A.L. Williams
LGBT, New Adult/College, Gay Romance
Independently published
August 1, 2020

Both men have been pulled into a triangle they didn’t ask for…

He can go fuck himself...
Dexter spends his days in class and working, but he wants more. When he ran into her he’s pulled into an emotional rollercoaster. One that involves an overprotective brute. What’s his issue?

Then why this time?
Rashawn shouldn’t be surprised. It was her MO. Why was he so infuriating? Once she gets her fill he’ll be old news. Right?

They’re forced together and as time goes on, neither of them is sure what they want.

Note:this book may contain situations that are difficult for some readers.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team 

This book is an emotional rollercoaster about three people each with baggage dating back to when they were children. Isabel (Izzy) who was her father’s punching bag, Rashawn (Ra) whose mother was a crack addict and both of them met in a group home. Dexter (Dex) whose mother was an alcoholic and died from alcohol poisoning. These three people come together and when they do their lives will forever change.

Dex is an RN back in college studying to be a doctor. He works, goes to school but is very lonely until the day he accidentally bumps into Isabel. Isabel is a teacher, an alcoholic and has sex with any man she meets and that man turns out to be Dex. She rooms with Ra who has taken it upon himself to look after her ever since they aged out of the group home. He loves her but she doesn’t return that love, not in the way he wants. When Ra sees Dex and Izzy together he freaks out and their relationship doesn’t get any better.

One night while Dex helped Ra get Izzy into bed after she was knock down drunk the unexpected happened, they kissed. How was that possible since both men are straight or so they thought. Is it possible that they are bi, something neither of them wants to consider but yet they can’t get the kiss out of their heads and all they think about is each other.

Of the three of them it is Ra’s story that is heartbreaking and the reason he can’t let go of Izzy and can’t stop trying to help her. As the relationship between Ra and Dex moves to the next level they both know that with Izzy in their lives there is no future for them.  It would take a tragedy to get these three damaged people to reevaluate their lives.

It was a beautiful story but not a happy one, so much damage done by the people that should love you unconditionally. It takes time to find out the real story behind Ra’s childhood and his determination to save Izzy in spite of herself and it is a very heartbreaking story. Dex and Ra want a future together but the road to HEA is bumpy and filled with past hurts that have to heal themselves.