Escape Club: Sabotage Book Cover Escape Club: Sabotage
Escape Club Hero Series
Regan Black
Thriller, Mature
Getaway Reads, LLC
September 28, 2017
Short: 47 pages

Escape Club: Sabotage is a fast-paced, short adventure featuring characters from the Escape Club Heroes romantic suspense series.
Though running a nightclub is Grant Sullivan's second career, he can't shake the instincts that made him an excellent cop or the ingrained need to help the Philadelphia, PA community he calls home. When a band arrives at the Escape Club plagued by a multitude of small troubles, Grant and his team must determine if it's just a run of bad luck or deliberate sabotage.

Discover sexy, adrenaline-fueled romance in the Escape Club Heroes novels from Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Safe In His Sight, A Stranger She Can Trust, and Protecting Her Secret Son (Nov/2017).

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Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Grant Sullivan’s career as a police officer was ended  when he was shot. His career over, he still feels the need to help his community any way he can. His community passes the ‘safe word’ to all who need help to come into his establishment and ask for Alexander.

The bar has a great reputation for safety, great music as small bands come from all over the country to perform,  and a great backdrop to perform. The ham in Grant allows him to be pulled to the stage and play the drums with some of the groups, and   the man in him now has a partner in beautiful Katie.

Bartender Jason Prather, is coming to a life event fork in the road. Offered to be Grant’s assistant or go back to the Fire Dept that he has worked for the last ten years. Itching for change and yet afraid of it too, Jason becomes involved in a mystery with the lead singer Lucy Benson, with band called Wish Blender. The band is coming in to town to end the Summer Season Labor Day weekend event. A series of ‘accidents’ are occurring and now the question is are they accidents or sabotage?

Regan Black takes us on an awakening for both Jason and Lucy. The possibilities , oh the possibilities…….Again, great story telling….