Evanescent Death Book Cover Evanescent Death
Bob Young
Mix Of Paranormal with Romantic Elements
Class Act Books
October 14, 2018

Chaz Borneman heads home from a meeting of the Board of Directors of his charitable foundation and suffers a stroke while driving, then dies. He finds himself standing outside a theatre where he is greeted by his deceased brother, Sam, and his deceased friend, Ralph, who sit him down to watch clips from his life.
Born again as C. K. Herbert, he comes of age in 2066, much unlike situations he has known before.
C. K. discovers what his rich past experiences can do to make him a son, boyfriend, husband, father, and member of his community.
Can he live a “happily ever after life” this time?

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I had high hopes for this book from reading the synopsis but was disappointed in what I got sadly.  Instead of something in the paranormal realm concerning the afterlife what this is in reality is a collection of 3 contemporary short stories not counting the first life which is only with us for a few pages (the third much longer than the first 2) tied together loosely by a recurring “afterlife” scene where out hero gets to watch scenes from his life and past lives, then gets a future life for the longer 3rd story.

While it was somewhat interesting it was also very verbose, the writing was stilted most of the time and the characters were all just mainly involved in a “day-in-the-life” plot 90% of the time.  The last 20% of the book was much more interesting since his career choice added some much-needed action and drama.

Bottom Line:  Yet another book that  had a wonderful premise that was not realized but I was forced to scan many pages to prevent this from becoming a DNF, if there was some higher purpose it did not reach me, throw in a couple of spelling errors, the overuse of words that nobody ever uses (this guy “emoted” more than any character I have ever read) so 3 Stars it is and without that last 20% it might have been less.