The Eve of Destruction Book Cover The Eve of Destruction
The Immortal Ones Book 4
S.L. Baum
Paranormal (vampires, shifters & witches)
July 25, 2013

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I have been reading and reviewing SL Baum’s The Immortal Ones series since receiving Book 1, A Chance For Charity in 2010. The YA series has captured many readers. It was selected as a Nominee for Best YA Series in 2012 with The Paranormal Romance Guild after we reviewed Book 2, My Link in Time, and Book 3, Our Summer of Discontent. Subsequently, the series was voted on and won Best YA Series of 2012 .

The Eve of Destruction is the next in this series. Our stalwart group of paranormals again set out to aid one of their own. They fall deep into a mystery, adventure, and work together to find Eve’s missing mother. I really hope this is not the end of this series. However, this offering was not as crisp, flowing, and interesting as some of her others.

Charity, Link, and the gang were together, and an old friend came in to actually save the day in more ways than one. If this was a bridge book to loftier ideas, I get it, but it would be a sad note if this book was the last of the series with no big gigantic goodbye ending. I hope Ms Baum lets us know if there will be more. I would be apt to read another. This just felt a bit short of the others.