The Evil Next Door Book Cover The Evil Next Door
Soul Catcher Book 6
Mary Abshire
Paranormal Romance
Evernight Publishing
June 12, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

After everything that happened in France, Jessie, Jeremy and Shawn are now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico on a ranch that Jeremy purchased a few years ago next to an Indian reservation. It has been two weeks now, and Jessie is trying to put what happened in her rearview mirror. She is keeping her deal with Jeremy to bond with him and bear his children. Jessie is finally feeling happy and although she doesn’t believe she will ever love, Jeremy she does care about him.

Of course, Jessie is part demon, and if there is any trouble to be found she will find it and she does. One of the girls from the reservation who works on the ranch appears at work bruised, and Jessie intends to find out who did it to her and why. It seems that this girl is only one of many who have been beaten and raped, and the incidents never go anywhere. The reservation police are useless and the town police do not want to get involved in reservation business.

Not only are women being beaten and raped, but those who have gone to the authorities have wound up dead. In spite of the women’s fear of talking, Jessie has no intention of letting these crimes go unpunished. She is ready to send more evil souls to Hell. Her intention to get involved causes headaches for both Jeremy and Shawn who want to keep her from getting hurt, but she is as stubborn as ever and won’t run from a fight.

When the guilty men are accused, they alibi for each other. When DNA is found and is a match, it disappears from the evidence room. There is no doubt that if these men are not found and punished, more young girls will fall prey to them. Jessie is not about to let that happen. Jessie and Jeremy have still not had sex and not for lack of desire on both their parts, but because Jessie’s stitches have not come out yet and Jeremy is afraid of ripping them.

While trying to bring the rapists to justice, Jessie learns about her past. She discovers things she never knew about her heritage, secrets her mother kept from her. She also discovers what the vampires actually did to her when she was cut open, and this discovery leaves her questioning her future.

This book did not involve any vampires, but just ordinary human monsters who prey on the innocent. It is filled with secrets and surprises. I found myself falling more in love with the three main characters, Jeremy, Jessie and Shawn.