Fairy Rose Book Cover Fairy Rose
Sedona Series Book 1
Jaylee Austin
Fantasy Romance
Jaylee's World
July 17, 2019

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lara Clint lives in Sedona, Arizona. She is telekinetic and senses that something evil is coming to Sedona and she may be the one who can stop it. She has no idea how instrumental she will be in stopping the Fallen Angel who is now a demon and determined to destroy both the human and Fae nations.

Rafe Avery is a Sidhe warrior and protector of dreams and it is his mission to protect Lara since she is the only one capable of capturing the demon and restoring the flame of Iris before it is too late.  In spite of the fact that Rafe has little or no trust in humans he has no choice but to protect Lara since she is the key to peace.

Lara has no idea of what she really is and that she is connected to both the past and present with a connection to the very demon she must destroy. Rafe soon recognizes who Lara truly is and it will take his love for her and her remembering her past to ensure that the evil part of her never surfaces.

I found this book very difficult to read since it was just overloaded with characters and plot lines. There were secrets and surprises and the reason that this book got three stars was because of the growing relationship between Lara and Rafe both of whom I truly loved. I will read book two in this series and hopefully it will be simplified. I have found that some writers of fantasy can go overboard with their characters and storyline and that was the case with this book.