Fallen Into Hell Book Cover Fallen Into Hell
Layna Snow
Paranormal Erotic Suspense
Independently Published
June 15, 2020


Sophie Torres had a difficult life. She lost the ability to speak, her sister fell into a coma, and Sophie was shot trying to stop a kidnapping. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she has recently discovered that mythical creatures actually exist! Now she is determined to do whatever it takes to save her sister. Even if that means going to Hell.


While in Hell, Sophie expects to meet all sorts of horrific creatures. What she doesn’t expect is to be seduced by two of the most attractively dangerous men she has ever met. Two Fallen Warrior Angels who tempt her to abandon her plans. Sin luxuriates in pleasure and pain, anything to feel something. Thanatos, a gigantic deadly Warrior, didn’t intend to Lust, but he Fell anyway. His moral compass demands that he continue to fulfill his Angelic duties, but the heat between the three of them won’t be denied.


Two opposites linked by a lifetime of pain. While she submits to them, she can’t forget her mission. Their bonds hold her, but her duties and growing danger threatens to pull her away.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team  

I did not read book one in this series, but I did not find myself lost when reading this one. Saying that, I highly recommend beginning this series from the beginning, which is what I recommend when it comes to any series.

Sophie Torres was a part of book one, but now she knows that there are definitely things that go bump in the night and that Fallen Angels exist as well as the devil. Sophie was involved in a car accident six years ago leaving her twin, Annie, in a coma, scarred and mute. With no other recourse to save her twin she decides to find a Hellgate and make a deal with the devil to save Annie’s life.

There was never any doubt in Sophie’s mind that she was about to come face to face with all manner of evil and all manner of creatures but she never expected to come face to face with two incredibly handsome Fallen Angels, Adrian (Sin) and Thanatos (Death). Before she can find the devil and make a deal with him Adrian and Thanatos make a deal with her first. Stay with them for three weeks, learn about being a submissive and learn the BDSM lifestyle and when the deal was done, they would help her find the devil.

Although Sin and Death live in Hell, they still do their share to help humans. They work for the Hunter’s as freelance mercenaries, but as far as Sin is concerned the only work he wants to do is in their playroom and in a bed. Thanatos shows no emotion and speaks very rarely, whereas Sin says anything that comes into his head. He doesn’t hesitate to explain in full detail what he wants to do to Sophie and what is expected of her. Thanatos, on the other hand, wants to do the right thing and care for their sub. It isn’t that Sin doesn’t care, he just has no time to waste on the niceties.

Sophie has always felt self-conscious about her looks, she isn’t very pretty. She is chubby and sex has never been something she thought of as great. That is all about to change when the two men in her life now see her as beautiful, and sex with them is awesome. While she is living out her deal with Adrien and Thanatos there is a lot going on with the Hunters. Axel, the leader, has gone undercover to find out about the Alliance, the group of humans who appear to be on a humanitarian mission but who are actually seeking the death of all Hidden, Fallen and demons.

This was a book that kept my interest from page one. To be honest it was the storyline, and I can’t leave out the hot sex. I realize that the end of the book opens the way for a new storyline with a character from this book. No doubt it will have appearances by other characters that came before. If you love stories about Fallen Angels, what’s not to love? and hot characters, plus suspense, surprises, betrayal, and hot, hot, kinky sex—well then stop right there and start this series.