Too Far Gone Book Cover Too Far Gone
Dangerous Protectors Book 2
Debra Webb and Regan Black
Romance Thriller
D & R Books
January 22, 2015

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be able to review the two new start up series of this wonderful team I fondly named the Dynamic Duo. I hope that is what you will call them, too. Dangerous Protectors and The Specialist series are the results of the brainstorm of Regan Black and Debra Webb.

If you like a book that’s well written, well edited, with a fast paced mystery, chills, and thrills, along with some smoking hot he men, these stories will be right up your alley.

Against the Wall was the first in this series; each book is stand alone. Nothing to Lose will be out in February and I will be there.

In this book, we meet television soap star actress Lauren Woods at the end of her rope with her live in boyfriend/agent. After hating the script he has sent her to read, she can’t wait to throw it in his face immediately. Going directly to his office, she walks in to hear yelling, an argument, and then watches as he is murdered by two men while a half dressed woman is cowering on his couch. Lauren turns to run and one of the assassins yells her name and tells her he wants her.

She calls the police, is interrogated, and released. Before she leaves the station a young officer hands her a card after asking if she has a bodyguard. Her answer, of course, is no. Things get worse. She hears on the news that someone stepped forward and named her as the killer. When in doubt, this Dynamic Duo of Webb and Black want everyone who needs help to call, No, not Ghostbusters, Dangerous Protectors.

Ex-Navy Seal Mike Stone is called in to protect and is at Lauren’s side in an hour. The story is fast paced. They are trying to figure out the bad guys, deal with each other, and keep a young woman safe. The story is excellent, believable, and Lauren and Mike spark the pages with sensual heat. I cannot wait for more.