Feat of Clay Book Cover Feat of Clay
Men of London Book 4
Susan Mac Nicol
LGBT Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
August 25, 2015

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Okay…don’t laugh…I am on a mission. I read book two, three and four in a week …while working full time! So a lot of late nights….I live in Florida and Hurricane IRMA is bearing down and all I am thinking is how many books can I mow through by Monday; I write this Friday afternoon. Can I also mention this series is addicting?

We met Clay Mortimer with Draven as they work together in Clay’s company. We were given a hint that Draven suspected Clay was in a secret relationship. This is Clay’s book and story. Clay and Tate Williams were childhood friends; Clay three tears older, held back on his feelings because Tate was so young, when he realized he was attracted to his best friend.  Years went by, as they drifted into different phases of their lives, Tate now going deep undercover to take down a drug lord.

Losing his cover, Tate was captured, beaten, raped, cut and shot three times by the drug king-pin and thrown out of a car and left for dead like a piece of garbage. Clay has finally brought Tate gain his health, but the nightmares and the PTSD from being held captive is still taking its toll. Tate cannot work on a case, resorted to a desk makes him feel less of a man.

The feeling of helplessness of Tate and the strength of Clay battle, making their sexy time together hotter than hell. This author sure knows how to play on my heart strings and brings me to my knees in the sweetness of these two men. I cheated Ms. MacNicol and peaked at the next book to see who it is…..You Devil It’s Laverne….Okay I am  so there!!!!

Did I say I love this series?