Feathers That Bind Book Cover Feathers That Bind
Harper’s Destiny Book 1
LA Kirk
After Glows Publishing
July 11, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Harper Cunningham is a princess that did not grow up in the usual way. Harper’s parents wanted their lives to be normal and most of the daily chores were done by the family. There were some servants but not as much as most royal families. Harper’s mom sewed and Harper learned to cook and bake. Their family was a very loving one and they tried very hard to make themselves available to the people in their kingdom. The kingdom of Kaur was a very peaceful one until a message from the king of Greenwood arrived with a proposition, agree to the marriage of Prince Landon to Princess Harper and surrender half the land of Kaur or prepare for war.

Harper has known Landon since they were children and cannot understand how he can go along with this proposition but she is willing to marry him if it will prevent war. The people of Kaur are not fighters and even the guards at the castle would not be capable of defeating the Greenwood army. Preparations are made for Prince Landon’s arrival only the one presenting himself as the prince is Landon’s best friend Jonah. Jonah also grew up with Harper and she loved him as well as Landon but she cannot understand why he is lying about who he is and why he won’t tell her the truth even when she confronts him.

There is a legend in Kaur about a magical peacock who would bless a couple with a golden tail feather binding them together and when a bird appears it drops three feathers but who got them? The truth finally comes out and the reason for the pretense is revealed and it will leave Harper and three others to fight what is coming.

What happens in this book is not something I want to reveal other than to say it will take four brave people to bring both kingdoms back together and keep war from happening. I look forward to the next book in this series.