Feral Dust Bunnies Book Cover Feral Dust Bunnies
Offbeat Crimes Book 4
Angel Martinez
M/M Paranormal Mystery
Pride Publishing
June 20, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I have to admit, the third book in this series has been my favorite to date. The first two were novellas, doing the expected world and character building for a new series. The third gave us a new relationship, for a now secondary character and a new mystery to solve and new protagonist to fight or is it new? Each hurdle is overcome by our gang, but it seems that all these attacks involved is at the 77th and have we truly caught our enemy?

We are at the 77th Precinct in the Paranormal Division. We have been slowly learning about the team of paranormal misfits who have been granted ‘paranormal detective status’ working at paranormal calls. Our author has slowly introduced us to the members of this group and we are slowly learning more bits and pieces of them, how they think, how their magic works and their acceptance of each other.

Carrington and Ras have been accepted as being a couple and Kyle and Soren have announced their engagement. Here at book #4 we learn about Wolf; Alex to his Mom.

Ms. Martinez writes a rather tongue and cheek analysis of the difference of human and animals as we learn Wolf’s background as a not-werewolf born a wolf and changed to a human. Interesting to hear story in his POV as he still after all this time has to remind himself to ‘find his words’ and licking someone he loves the smell of might be construed as sketchy.

During work patrols in the city, Wolf has become familiar with an animal control officer Jason Chen. They meet again here as Wolf calls in for help finding a dead momma cat, her baby and a mystery for the group to solve. Kitten has certainly imprinted on Wolf and he takes the baby home to help wean her, then names her Audacity and adopts her as his baby. I love Wolf or should I say Alex now, and how un savvy he is in a one on one human relationship finally with Jason.

The Feral Dust Bunnies give us a run for our money, culminating at their hope this menace like the others is over. BUT what if these things are all coming from the same ominous threat. Our author pulls our strings and we follow…..See you same Bat  time same Bat channel for Book #5 coming soon?????