Fire and Agate Book Cover Fire and Agate
Carlisle Deputies, Book 3
Andrew Grey
Gay Romance
Dreamspinner Press, LLC
November 6, 2018

When Chris Anducci is moved off jail duty and into the sheriff's office, he doesn't expect his first assignment to be protecting a witness against a human trafficking ring. Knowing the new sheriff doesn't abide screwups, Chris reluctantly agrees to work the case.

Pavle Kasun has spent the last four years of his life at the mercy of others. When an opportunity presented itself, he took it, resulting in his rescue. Now the safe houses he's placed in are being threatened and he needs protection if he is to have any sort of chance at a life.

Chris opens his home to Pavle, but he doesn't expect Pavle and his story to get under his skin... and stay there. Soon they discover they have more in common than either of them thought. Slowly Pavle comes out of his shell and Chris finds someone who touches his heart. But as the men looking for Pavle close in, they will stop at nothing to get him out of the way. Even if Chris can keep him safe, he might not be able to protect his heart if Pavle moves back home.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Chris Anducci waited a long time but he has finally been taken off of jail duty and been placed in the Sheriff’s Office. Unfortunately, his first assignment would change his life in more ways than he could have ever expected.

Chris is assigned protection duty for Pavle Kasun a young man who has been a victim of trafficking for the past four years, victimized in every way possible in spite of the people who believe that it is only women who are victims of trafficking. Beaten, raped and starved every little thing he was given he was required to pay for and he paid dearly. There was no hope for rescue until Pavle took it upon himself to do something.

Every safe house that Pavle was put in was met with violence and having Chris take him in and watch over him was the last hope of keeping the government’s witness alive. Pavle wants to put the men who did this to him away and is risking his life by willingly going to court with the hope of keeping them from doing what they did to him to others.

Chris is willing to do whatever he can to protect Pavle and when he discovers in detail what was done to him his desire to harm those responsible grows each day. Making matters difficult is the fact that Pavle is from Serbia and his English is limited but then Chris solves that problem when he brings Pavle to his Nanna who knows the language. As a grandma and great grandma I so totally related to Nanna a woman with a huge heart and who doesn’t judge those that are different. She has always accepted her grandson Chris even though she knows he is gay and only wants his happiness. She also immediately has a connection with Pavle who needs to stay hidden, going from one prison to another and who believes he is shamed. In his country being gay could have meant his death and that was why he believed the lies told to him when he happily agreed to come to America for a new life, a story so many before him and after him will fall victim to.

This is an Andrew Grey book, meaning there will be sex, there will be love and there will be a lesson learned. Although Mr. Grey does not go into explicit detail about what Pavle suffered he had the ability to put you inside Pavle’s mind and heart where you could feel his pain and shame. Not only does he have to heal outside he has to heal inside and learn that what happened to him was due to no fault of his own, the only ones responsible were those who callously took freedom from those who only dreamed of a better life.

Mr. Grey you have once again ignited my emotions and although I felt great sadness for Pavle I also got to witness his rebirth.