Fire and Fog Book Cover Fire and Fog
Carlisle Cops Book 6
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
July 11, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team   

Dwayne Rappaport has become a police officer for the Carlisle police department which is a far cry from his previous police department in Topeka, Kansas where he was treated very poorly. Now he has found a place where there are many other cops who are gay and are living with their partners. Dwayne finally feels a sense of freedom and is even shocked when he goes to his first gay nightclub and discovers it isn’t at the end of an alley and dingy and smelly.

At the nightclub Dwayne meets a twenty-one year old man, Robin Cartwright who is determined to sell himself for a few bucks. When Robin leaves the club he finds himself in danger with a man not willing to accept what Robin is willing to offer but wants more, fortunately Dwayne heard what was going on and came to Robin’s rescue. Robin might need money but selling himself proved not to be as simple as he thought.

Alone with no job and about to lose his apartment Robin was desperate but his troubles are about to get worse when he returns home to discover that he was the victim of rent scamming and the house he is living in belongs to someone else and all the money he paid is gone. Dwayne finds himself drawn to Robin and invites him to come stay with him, of course Robin is sure that Dwayne expects payment and it is not with money. It will take time for Robin to trust anyone since he was thrown out of his home by his stepfather when he discovered he was gay and his mom who should love him unconditionally said nothing.

Both Dwayne and Robin paid a heavy price when their families discovered they were gay, Robin thrown out into the street and Dwayne whose parents treated the situation with silence and denial. Dwayne finds ways of helping Robin while his feelings for him grow stronger. Dwayne calls on his fellow police officers men we have met before and characters I loved.

As Robin believes his life is finally taking a turn for the better his sister dies and he finds himself as his four year old nephew Charlie’s guardian. Robin has barely gotten his life together and now he has a young child to raise.  Will Dwayne stay in Robin’s life with a child now in the mix? There is more to this book than just Dwayne and Robin but it involves a rent scamming scheme that is hurting not just the true owners but the people who find themselves broke and homeless. There is betrayal, sex, surprises and an adorable four year old.

I think I have used every word possible to praise Mr. Grey’s books, wonderful, heartwarming, touching etc. now I need to come up with something new but I think I need a Thesaurus for help so I will just stick to what I have said before, all of the above and much much more.