Fire and Ice Book Cover Fire and Ice
Carlisle Cops Book 2
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
May 25, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I want to start by saying that every book by Andrew Grey that I have read, and I have read many, always have a way of leaving me on an emotional roller coaster but this time he sent my emotions into overdrive. How can you not melt when a story is about two great men and a seriously abused little boy.

Carter Schunk is a policeman who due to his knowledge of computers has found himself in the basement working on computers instead of being out on patrol. When he finally finds himself  out in the neighborhoods, doing what he always wanted he finds himself on a domestic violence call. This call would change not only his life but the lives of a five year old little boy and a social worker with Child Services. A woman has been badly beaten and is near death while the offender is being hauled off to jail she is being taken to a hospital. When everything seems to be done Carter discovers a stuffed animal and begins to search for a child. What he finds will be something he will never forget.

In the attic, alone in the dark with no bathroom is a little boy and when asked what his name is he replies “piece of shit”. Unfortunately, he actually believes that is his name, if your emotions aren’t running wild just wait it gets worse. He also admits that his mother sometimes calls him Alex. Donald Ickle aka Ice comes to take Alex to a foster home but unfortunately it is the weekend and nothing is available and Carter embarrasses Donald into volunteering to take Alex home with him for the weekend.  Not strangers, a few months ago Donald and Carter had a sex filled weekend and when it was over Donald never called or replied to Carter’s calls. Carter felt that Donald and he could have a great relationship, they had a special something but Donald closed himself off from everything and everyone. What happened in his past to cause him to want to be alone?

Since Carter was the one who found Alex and comforted him Alex feels safe with him and that causes Carter to spend time with them at Donald’s home. Alex has nightmares where bad men are chasing him. He suffers from all sorts of problems, he eats everything in sight as fast as possible proving that he did not have frequent meals. He is frightened of loud noises and looks to be about four when he is actually five. The abuse Alex suffered I won’t go into in detail I will just say that if you don’t feel emotionally moved I would be very surprised. Alex touched my heart.

Carter and Donald are wonderful and I loved them both and the way they treated Alex and grew to love him. What happens to the three of them is something you will have to find out for yourself but trust me this is a book that pulls at your heartstrings.

*Winner: Tie for 3rd Place – Best M/M Contemporary Romance Novel

2015 PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards