Fire Maidens: Portugal Book Cover Fire Maidens: Portugal
Billionaires & Bodyguards, Book 4
Anna Lowe
Paranormal, Psychic, Vampire, Romance
Twin Moon Press
February 27, 2020

A jaded warrior who doesn't want to get involved + an irresistible she-dragon on the run.

For centuries, the Guardians of Lisbon have kept shifter forces in check — dragons, vampires, and witches. Now, with their powers dwindling, they’re too busy to respond to a lone woman’s cry for help.

Novice dragon, Laura Sampao, always knew her family descended from dragon shifters, but that power — or curse — hadn’t manifested itself in generations. She thought it would never happen to her.


Now, vampires are after her blood, and her last hope is a mysterious, jaded warrior who saves her from a brutal attack. But that’s just the prelude to a far greater danger, giving her no choice but to trust the infuriatingly gruff, handsome stranger who awakens all kinds of hidden desires.

Marco da Silva, heir to an ancient dragon dynasty, has been burned by damsels in distress before, and he’s determined not to get involved. But somehow, he just can’t resist. Before he knows it, he’s spiriting Laura off to his private island hideaway with his inner dragon vowing to keep her safe.

Why? Because his heart isn’t the only reckless force stirring in the shifter world — powerful enemies are on the move too, and they’ll stop at nothing to seize Laura — and take control of an entire continent.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

If, like me, you are obsessed with this series, then you know all about Marco da Silva and his determination to never find a mate or love. His heart was shattered by a woman named Olivia and whenever he sees a woman it is her he sees. Unfortunately, his determination will be tested when he goes to the rescue of a young dragon being chased by another dragon and a vampire.

Laura Sampao has dragon shifter blood that has been dormant for at least ninety years until the day she is given a pendant from a distant relative and the dormancy is no more. Laura shifts into a dragon and with no knowledge of how to fly or control her other half she goes to Lisbon, Portugal in the hopes of contacting the Guardians for help. Unfortunately, she is chased by a vampire and a dragon and with no other recourse she shifts and flies. Marco comes to her rescue and immediately his dragon knows she is his mate, something he refuses to acknowledge. He takes her home and tries to find someone to help her but since he has turned his back on the Guardians because of their complacency and because they are still stuck in the old ways he is forced to do the training.

Marco is the heir to an ancient dragon dynasty but all he wants since he returned from the Foreign Legion is to be alone and now with Laura and his army buddy Finn there to help his sanctuary and his ten years of celibacy are not looking good. There is trouble in Lisbon and Marco recognizes that Laura may be the Fire Maiden that the Guardians have been searching for. Olivia the woman who broke his heart is now partnered with the dragon who chased Laura and with their enemy the Lombardis. Now more than ever he must protect Laura.

Even when he takes her to the Island of Madeira where he feels she will be safe it doesn’t take long before that safety is threatened. Laura has finally been able to fly and control her dragon, he has taught her how to defend herself but she still can’t make a landing without banging into things, but she knows the important things. Her bravery astounds Marco, no matter what he asks of her she is willing to do it or at least die trying.

If you aren’t acquainted with this series yet and although the books can be read alone I highly recommend starting with book one, each book takes you to a new country filled with history, handsome men, and beautiful heroines.