First Kill Book Cover First Kill
Heaven Sent Book 1
Mary Abshire
Paranormal, Suspense, Angels, Demons & Devils
Evernight Publishing
December 4, 2016

Andrew enjoys the company of women, perhaps too much. The council in heaven had enough of his sexual promiscuity and sentenced him to return to Earth to destroy demons. To make matters more difficult, if he has sex with a woman he has to stay an extra year. Without clothes, money, or food, his task seems impossible.

Emily is in a world of trouble. She leaves her family, job, and home in Chicago to start a new life. As she's driving along a country road, she discovers a naked man lying in the middle of it. He's incredibly built, sculpted to perfection, and blessed with a fine package south of his navel. When he asks for her help, she can't resist.

Over the next several days, Emily's sanity is tested. Andrew struggles to keep his hands to himself. Emily seeks the truth from Andrew while he endeavors to kill a demon. What she discovers frightens her—angels, demons, heaven and hell exist. Determined to help Emily change her future, Andrew offers her a deal. But is heaven the best eternal resting place?

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a story about two people, one running from her demons and one hunting them. Twenty-six year old Andrew died in 1989 in a car accident that took his life as well as the life of his mother and father. He and his parents live in Heaven but Andrew’s libido has caused him major trouble. He has been called in to the council numerous times for having too much sex and no matter what punishment or reprimand he received it did nothing to slow him down. Now as a last resort he is being sent back to Earth to kill six demons who are residing in human bodies. After killing his last demon and if he does not have sex with anyone he can return to Heaven. For every woman he sleeps with he will have a year added to his sentence. Andrew didn’t have time to appeal his sentence one he felt totally unfair since the council is filled with old people who have no understanding of what the younger generation is like but within an hour he was sent back to Earth naked and penniless.

Twenty-five year old Emily has dumped her best friend Libby’s body into a ditch after she overdosed and died in her car. Emily knows that she will be wanted by the police and will be suspected of killing her. Emily feels tremendous guilt over not trying harder to keep her friend from using drugs but it is now too late. Packing everything she owns and taking everything she feels belongs to her she leaves her parent’s home for the last time. With help from Troy who she has known since they were children she has new identification, money and is about to trade in her car for a new one when she meets an acquaintance of Troy’s. On her way she finds a naked man in her path and she finds herself unable to leave someone in need. This is the beginning of the adventures that Emily and Andrew will face when he goes after his first demon.

Andrew exlains everything to Emily who doesn’t believe a word he says but is willing to help him since he seems honest and is caring. Together they swap cars and she willingly agrees to help him get to his first demon. The only thing that works in Andrew’s defense is the appearance of a tattoo on his arm with a name and address, a tattoo that was not there when she first met him. She agrees to help find the man who when checking comes up as an evil rapist and murderer so she has no feelings of guilt over having him killed. If after he is dead another tattoo appears on Andrew’s arm then she will believe him.

Even after looking him up and finding out about his death she finds it hard to believe his story, maybe he just took the man’s identity, maybe he looked like the original Andrew, only time will tell. Of course, Andrew’s biggest problem is staying away from Emily who he begins to be drawn to more and more. He needs her help because without it he would be on his own and finding and destroying the demons he is sent to kill would be twice as hard.

This was a book I read in one day it has it all, wonderful characters, a whole new look at what Heaven is like, a sex crazy angel and a girl who would probably not make it to Heaven because of the things she has done, not that her soul is black but just a little colored and that is all it takes. Can Andrew actually kill another human being even if he has the soul of a demon? Can he help Emily find her way one day to Heaven?

I highly recommend this book and look forward to more adventures with Emily and Andrew.


**2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner**