Flipping the Bird: A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel (Shift Creek Book 1) Book Cover Flipping the Bird: A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel (Shift Creek Book 1)
Shift Creek Book 1
Carrie Pulkinen
Paranormal Chick Lit Novel Romance
Independently Published
December 15, 2020

Her dumpster-diving days are numbered…

Crow shifter Alice Crawford is living her best life as a salvage artist in Texas. But when her city's namesake, magical stream starts drying up, taking her income with it, she—and everyone else in town—soon find themselves up Shift Creek without a paddle.

When a hot as sin warlock arrives on the scene, Alice thinks he can solve all her problems.

If she can get past his farting familiar.

Warlock Donovan Drake has more secrets than a duck has quacks. His connection to Shift Creek runs deeper than anyone can imagine, and getting turned into a crow the moment he meets Alice is just the beginning of his trouble.

He's falling head over tail feathers for the feisty bird shifter, and if he's not careful, he'll be as exposed as a streaker at the state fair.

Better put your boots on because the shift is getting deep in the Lone Star State!

If you like quirky heroines and smoldering heroes, you'll love this laugh-out-loud paranormal romantic comedy.

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team


Alice Crawford is a crow shifter who along with her best friend Megan own Shifted Treasures

a store where they sell their salvage creations. Megan is a raccoon shifter and their town Shift Creek in Texas the home of a blessed creek with healing powers is dying. The Rainecourt warlocks left the town and creek knowing full well that without a Rainecourt warlock to bless the creek it would lose all it’s healing powers. 


The Rainecourt mansion has stood empty for years and suddenly there is a new owner with all hopes of it being a member of the Rainecourt family with the power to save the creek, unfortunately is is Donovan Drake the illegitimate son whose magic is blocked and who has come to drain the creek of it’s magic in hopes of reigniting his own. Along with him is his familiar, a mongoose named Marty who is afraid of losing his position with Donovan if he gets his magic back and willingly throws the amulet he needs to regain his magic into the garbage where, you guessed it, one crow with a love of shiny things finds it.


Donovan has one month to unblock his magic or he will lose it forever. The connection between Donovan and Alice is instant but neither of them are aware of the secrets they are keeping from each other, secrets if revealed could solve everyone’s problems. Alice refuses to admit she has the amulet for fear of being accused of stealing and Donovan refuses to acknowledge he is in fact a Rainecourt warlock using his mother’s maiden name for fear of being hated for who he is. 


As their feelings for each other grow, so do the lies and Marty does everything he can to ensure that the relationship between Alice and Donovan comes to an end. He is aware of everything but he only cares about what will happen to him if the creek is once again blessed and if Alice and Donovan stay together.


This book was a fun ride filled with fun characters especially Marty the mongoose who keeps letting loose (gas that is) fortunately he never smells it but leaves a lasting impression on all those around him. I spent Thanksgiving weekend with three books by Ms. Pulkinen so I can honestly say I had a very happy Thanksgiving filled with a lot of laughter.