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Sarah Madison
MM Romance
July 28, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

A new release from author Sara Madison, which was certainly a wonderful well researched story about the event I love to watch during the Olympics and have to stay up till the wee hours to see…Equestrian riding and dressage is an art form which has been lost in the modern world. She has written a wonderful story revolving about this sport, the strength and endurance needed to be part of it, the rider and the horse both to be in sync with each other, a team.

We began with Jake Stanford, son of wealth, who lost his spot going to the Olympics on the US Equestrian Team with a freak accident. Jake, his boyfriend, Rich and their driver were in a freak accident driving the rig with the horses back from a meet. The driver killed and both Jake and Rich critically injured.

It gave Jake’s father the moment to sever his son’s immoral relationship. The senior Stanford arrived at Rich’s hospital bed while he was at his lowest. Alone,  in pain and on morphine he was overpowered and bribed to leave Jake for money he  would need for his hospital bills, rehab and survival.

Eight years later, they would meet again, Jake being ready again to try for the Olympic Team after recovering his health from that terrible accident. Rich is brought in to help his trainer who falls ill. Now can they work together and leave the past in the past? Will secrets be revealed as to what happened all those years ago?

Sarah Madison has written a story that explains the equestrian art that was very interesting to me. Some others might not like all that information,  that was not the case for me. It held me into the story even further when you could see how much time, energy and fortitude Jake needed to compete.

As the relationship ended and then renewed, Ms Madison is a master at keeping it real, sexy, humorous and hot…..adding a bit of angst to keep us on our toes till the end….I love her writing and the book was flawless.