A Foreign Range Book Cover A Foreign Range
Range series Book 4
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
June 14, 2012

Reviewed by:  Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Once again Mr. Grey has given us a novel about men who because they are gay have had to fight to be who they are.  Facing hatred even from those who are supposed to love them.  All his books are about strong men who fight to be who they were meant to be.

Wilson Edwards, aka Willy Meadows, is a famous western and cowboy singer who has had to hide who he is for fear of destroying his career.  Who wants a macho cowboy singer to be gay.  At long last the only thing that he is able to overcome is living in LA where nothing is real.  He buys a ranch in Wyoming to be Wilson Edwards and not Willy Meadows the celebrity.  He knows nothing about cowboys or horses and his cowboy outfits come straight from Rodeo Drive, but he wants to change.  One night when having dinner with his manager he meets everyone from Holden Ranch, as always Wally welcomes their new neighbor. And, although Wilson has no idea what he is going to do with the ranch, the peace and quiet was more than he could hope for.  After having a writing block maybe he can now finally feel the music.

Steve Peterson, is a young man whose life has been controlled by his fanatical father, the leader of a cult.  When Steve is caught kissing another boy his father has him locked up in what he calls the hospital.  Left alone in a concrete room with very little food his father is determined to cure him, as if.  After escaping he finds his way to Wyoming where he was offered a job by the very woman who sold her ranch to Wilson.  Arriving at an empty ranch, no job, starving and totally exhausted Steve has nothing left until Wilson sees him and takes him in.  Steve is good for Wilson in more ways than one, he knows everything about the ranch and the horses the hope to get and he gives Wilson the inspiration he lacked before.

Both men are attracted to each other and Wilson allows himself the freedom to pursue a man he cares about.  With no press stalking him he can be himself, but only in the privacy of his home.  Wilson brought with him to the ranch Maria and her little five year old daughter.  She has worked with him in LA for eight years and he trusts her.  It finally seems that Steve and Wilson have found a little bit of paradise.  But it is short lived.  His father has no intention of letting his son get away and men keep driving past the ranch. Are they from the cult? Can Steve finally get away from the cult and his father?  Can Wilson ever be able to admit to who he is?  Would his career really fall apart if he came out, or is his music all people care about?

This is the fourth novel in the series and of course, we catch up on Dakota and Wally.  Dakota has finished his residency and is opening a medical practice in town, and Wally is still rescuing wild animals.  Mr. Grey writes about real men with real problems, but they are men you cannot help but love and admire.  Bring on the next book I can’t wait.