Foreign Relations Book Cover Foreign Relations
Finn O'Brien Thriller Series Book 2
Rebecca Forster
Mystery Thriller
July 1, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Again, Ms. Foster dominates the pages with superb story, wonderful dialogue and a winding path to who-dunnit. The pair of detectives chosen for this path are humanized by their passion and dedication; their need to help the community they serve, no matter what the threat, even if it is to themselves.

This unlikely pair realize the importance their lives mean to each other, the underlying possibilities of it resonate through the books. Finn is not well liked in his precinct we learned in the first book of the series Severed Relations. His chief has had his old partner, Cori Anderson transferred in to work with him.

They both have personal baggage they bring to the table, he a messy divorce; she an unwed daughter with her own baby. But with all their problems at home, when they walk out the door, these things do not stop them. Focus is the job and the people they help.

This story begins as Finn and Cori watch a young woman plummet off a high bridge, hitting a car on Los Angeles’ 101 high way, causing a gigantic pile up. They go into survivor mode, helping the wounded, saving lives, before they find themselves embroiled in a mystery spanning two countries. The path we follow with them is an act of kindness. Finding the story to allow this young soul to rest in peace.

Again Rebecca, cannot say enough about your story telling. Outstanding would be the word.