Forget Me Not Book Cover Forget Me Not
Mnevermind Trilogy Book 2
Jordan Castillo Price
JCP Books, LLC
February 18, 2014

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

After starting this stunning series with Persistence of Memory, I knew I was a goner. This author does not write a genre, fitting her stories with round peg into square hole. Is it an M/M romance? Well, sorta. Is it Fantasy? Well, maybe, or it could be a futuristic sci-fi. Or just a thought that it is in the realm of happening? Well, maybe!

We met Daniel Schroeder and Elijah Crow in a very different place people usually meet. They were each in another person’s dream. Mneming is the author’s concept of selling dreamscapes to the public who need ‘a getaway,’ whether it being in a dream of dancing with the Royal Ballet, being at a Prom that you always wanted to attend, or just your average hookup for a few hours of sex.

Book one was in Daniel’s Point of View (POV), introducing us to the storyline, integral characters, and the blossoming relationship between the two men. For this, the second book, <i style=”mso-bidi-font-style:normal”>Forget Me Not</i>, we were blessed with Elijah’s POV. Blessed was truly the word. We learned that both men were each mnemographers, each brilliant, each doing different things in their field. Dan owns his own company, selling mnemming to the public. Elijah teaches classes at the Mall, yet can do everything, if not more than Daniel.

Daniel and Elijah each have personal baggage. We learned Elijah has a form of Asperger’s. Now in this book with the switch of POV, brilliant I might add, we see the beauty of Ms. Prices writing in Elijah’s POV. We see how hard it is for him to navigate in our world, his life, with this form of autism. We see this beautiful brilliant young man question everything to remember. When should he smile? When should he step away? He questions everything because he cannot take anything for granted. Let me say, this author did this in such a way, my heart broke and I cheered for him—sometimes at the same time.

This author writes magic. I cannot say enough about her skills, her attention to her characters, keeping the reader involved despite the difficulty of following the science of it all. I love this series and look forward to reading the third book that has just been released, Life is Awesome.