Frozen Stiff Book Cover Frozen Stiff
Immortals Book 4
L.J. Vickery
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
May 13, 2016

Enten, the god of winter, has spent centuries avoiding rejection from women. He might be cold to the depths of his very soul, but one woman—his Chosen—holds the key to melting his permafrost. To keep her, though, he must embrace the heat sweeping through his heart—and his body. Unfortunately, he and the group of gods he calls brothers are trapped on Earth’s plane by a malevolent force that could bring violence to her doorstep.

Gloria Wingfeather lived through hell, physically and emotionally singed by the viciousness of her ex-husband. For years, she’s dedicated her time and her heart to making a life for herself. The sexy god of chill has the potential to heal those charred wounds or to set her ablaze with passion.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Gloria Wingfeather (Glory) is directing a bathing suit spread when she sees what appears to be a large bird falling from the sky. It turns out that the bird is a near naked man who when touched is ice cold. Glory is certain the man is dead but she does everything she can to warm him up, including lying on top of him.

Enten is the god of winter and his temperature is always freezing. He is one of the twelve gods living in a large mansion in Blue Hills of Massachusetts. For failing a mission they have become invisible and only when they meet their Chosen (mate) will they become visible again. Now he finds himself being touched by a woman’s hand and he realizes that the hand belongs to his Chosen.

Glory soon realizes that the man is alive and would be perfect for her spread. It doesn’t take much to convince Enten to join in but unlike Glory any woman who touches him runs. The other gods and their Chosen decide to join in on the fun but it would turn out to be a major mistake. Soon after it becomes clear that they risked exposure to their enemies and although Glory willingly erased everything two pictures were published.

It doesn’t take long before their enemy Matthew puts two and two together and realizes that one of the gods has met his Chosen and it is his job to capture her. He discovers that his boss is none other than Ereshkigal the Queen, or so she says. Now it is up to him to find Glory and bring her back to Ereshkigal.

Enten is surprised when Glory doesn’t run from him when he kisses her or touches her but anything more could be dangerous to her. When he is excited he makes it snow and Glory could freeze to death. Every part of him is like an icicle and intercourse would be both dangerous and painful. Knowing all that how can he turn away from the one woman meant for him? What he doesn’t know is that Glory has a history of being abused by both her father and her ex-husband and is very leery of getting involved with a man again, yet she is drawn to Enten.

I loved the way the relationship between Enten and Glory began to grow him afraid to get to close and she wanting to. There was suspense, betrayal, explicit sex and surprises. When I received this book to review I was confident that I would not like it since I did not read the first three. I assumed that with three books before this that I would be lost and at times I was but not to the degree that I didn’t love what I was reading. Although I am sure I missed out on alot of the back story about the gods the main focus of the book was the relationship between Enten and Glory and the author did do a good job of updating what transpired previously.

All I can say is that I loved this book and look forward to reading more.